The U.S. pork industry has balked at the “Swine Flu” name and nobody can remember the “official designation” of H1N1. So I checked out the Twitter community for some of the suggested new names. Here are some of the leading candidates:

  • The Aporkalypse
  • Porky’s Revenge
  • Name for news coverage of the flu = Bacon bits
  • Spamdemic
  • This little piggy went to the bathroom
  • Hog Flashes
  • Porkenstein
  • The Other White Flu
  • Mad Sow Disease
  • Porcinusitis
  • Piglet’s Pooh
  • The Porky Plague
  • Hamageddon
  • Kermit’s Revenge

Wow. I hope they come up with an oikment for this disease.

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