Here’s a trend to watch — social media platforms will rapidly segment and become more specialized to meet the needs of their growing communities.

What do I mean by this?  Think about the early years of television. For decades there were just three network channels serving the entire population.  As the user base swelled and cable became predominant, a channel emerged for every conceivable taste and interest.

Today a few social media channels are rising to dominance — YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the heavy hitters. At this point in their lifecycle, they can still try to be everything to everybody because the demographic profile of their users is still fairly homogeneous. But as the social media population builds, critical mass will emerge to support more specialized applications, which can be created rather quickly and inexpensively on the Internet.

In the near future, wouldn’t it be fun to be able to “tune-in” to on-going Twitter conversations on a certain topic? We are already seeing this today on breaking news and current events by having the ability to follow a “trending topic.” Eventually there will be Twitter channels for every conceivable interest and hobby, not just news.

As critical mass builds, smaller, specialized platforms will be able to attract a critical mass of users that can support an advertising initiative necessary to cover costs.

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