My friend Nathan Egan recently gave an interview to Business Week describing the imperatives for small business to engage in social media marketing. Here are some of the highlights:
1) Social media is new but it’s not going away. It’s a valuable new extension of traditional business communication. Jump aboard!
2) Your competition is going to be doing it, if they aren’t already. You need to make a start and take the time to learn it, now!
3) For many small business owners, social media is an excellent way for virtual networking, providing a highly-efficient method for finding new customers and business contacts.
4) Social media is highly-customizable to fit your business needs. It’s not just about getting a Facebook page. There is no cut-and-paste blanket strategy. Tailor to your existing communication strategy and customer needs.
5) Take a slow, strategic, approach. Before you begin, take some time to learn. See what’s out there. Monitor activity. Listen before you start engaging. Set aside at least 10 minutes a day to read and become familiar with your options.
6) Set up RSS news feeds to help you define your strategy and learn about what’s going on.
7) Setting up social media initiatives takes time, but keep an eye on the long-term costs-savings. A highly cost-effective way to go to market compared to traditional media.
8) Take advantage of short-cuts and automated systems. There are many free applications to help you work more efficiently once you get started.
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