I recently read a post summarizing a few eye-popping social media trending stats that just demand attention. If the “powers that be” in your company think social media marketing is a fad and a waste of time, dangle a few of these gems in front of them …
5.0 billion … Minutes spent on Facebook every DAY
3.6 billion … Photos uploaded to Flickr as of June, 2009
100 million … YouTube videos viewed per DAY
13 million … Articles on Wikipedia
6.5 million … Dollars contributed to Obama campaign by online donors
3 million … Tweets per day on Twitter
1382% … Month-over-month growth rate of Twitter Jan-Feb 2009
93% …. Of social media users believe every company should have a social media presence
20 … Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE
Your customers are there. Your competitors are there. Get in the game.
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