We’ve done a lot of heavy lifting on {grow} the past two weeks so I think it’s time to lighten up a little bit. Here are some things I NEED TO KNOW!

>> There are so many free online applications out there that it makes my head spin. Who is doing all of this work and how do they live with no income? And no hope of an income! Do they live with their moms? Maybe we should collectively call all these applications mom-ware.

>> These porn spammers on Twitter. How do they get 4,000 followers without sending a single tweet? HOW? WHY? I demand an explanation.

>> Here is the first tweet I ever received: “It’s 4 a.m.” That’s why most people think Twitter is the stupidest thing they have ever seen and quit in the first week. I was one of ’em.
>> Here is a tweet I just received: “My girlfriend Terrie is whipping me at cards & I’m about to throw a hissy fit!” This is why Twitter makes some people want to hurl.
>> I have not truly pissed anybody off yet on my blog. Do I need to be more controversial? OK, here goes. I am writing this blog in the nude. See, I just broke a law in Singapore.

>> One of my most popular blog posts so far was about the social media team at GE. The page views went through the roof. Here’s why. GE has 350,000 employees. All they have to do is send out ONE email with a link to my blog and ka-pow! So, from now on, I am only writing about things that involve millions of people. My new emphasis is on China, India and those who write social media software apps while living with their moms.

>> Oh, the turd thing. Chris Brogan (the MAN) used “turd” in a blog headline and I thought it was refreshing. So I wanted to do it as soon as I had the chance so that my awesome readers might experience the same thing. Well, how did it go for you?

>> It’s not as hard to work “turd” into a conversation about social media as you might think.

>> I LOVE to see new people reading my blog and sending in their comments. It gets me revved-up to connect with so many cool people. So, THANK YOU for being here! Plus, I make money. I threw the Google ads up there for kicks. So far, I have made $3.12. Will somebody PLEASE click on a damn ad? I’m saving up for a Subway sandwich.

>> The single biggest business opportunity in social media is ANYTHING that will save you time. It’s official: The world has enough content. Thank you all for writing. You may stop now.

>> I’m guessing there is more content created on Twitter in a single day than in the first 2,000 years of recorded history. Wait, no … that is not a guess. I just decided it’s a fact. Now go tweet it out. You will amaze your friends and astound your enemies. Ta-da! It’s my first faux-fact. You can check it out on your mom-ware. Then it would be a mo-faux.

Thanks for stopping by : )

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