Can Twitter help people find jobs? It seems to be working in Richmond, VA.
Like most cities in the U.S., Richmond has had its share of job losses. As part of its workforce development initiative, the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. developed a full-online attack to help address the unemployment problem.
The Partnership put together a website aimed at connecting people to jobs and resources to find employment, including a free online career assessment tool. They also created a Facebook page and a dedicated Twitter account aimed at connecting people with jobs. E-Mail alerts also provide targeted job-related news to subscribers.

Jennifer Yeager, Marketing Communications Manager, said some of the success so far includes:
o 112,00 webpage views
o More than 1,000 registered job seekers
o 1,500 Twitter followers (growing >100/month)
o 6,331 job-related Twitter posts

o 42% open rate on email alerts
o Anecdotal evidece of succes from emails and direct messages:
“This is where I found the posting for the job I got!”
“Your work helped us close that candidate”
“Awesome twitter feeds on jobs in Richmond!”
“The folks at Richmond Jobs Net sincerely care about finding Richmonders jobs in the community.”
The Greater Richmond Partnership is also employing social media applications to support efforts to attract and retain businesses and support small businesses and entrepreneurs.
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