One thing is clear: To be successful on the social web, you need meaningful content … and LOTS of it! Some debate whether you need quality or quantity, but fact is, you need both. Five excellent blog posts in a month is better than one excellent blog post … and 10 is even better than five! And every company and non-profit is jumping on board.
So where is all this quality content going to come from?
I’ve been approached about creating “ghosted” content for executives who realize the value of a blog (or tweet) but don’t have the time to do it. Ghost writing is a common corporate practice but with the emphasis on authenticity on the social web, this becomes a trickier proposition. In the context of social media, ghost writing is not just about authoring a speech or the annual shareholder letter — it’s becoming a personality.
I need your input on this! What is your opinion about creating content under the signature of another person?
  • Many executive and corporate blogs/tweets today already come from a team of people behind the scenes. Does that bother you? Make it any less effective?
  • If you were regularly reading a blog that you thought was being written by a business leader you admired and then discovered they only “approve” the articles, would it hurt the credibility of the individual or company?
  • If I accept ghost-writing assignments, what guidelines should be in place?

If this debate is not relevant to you right now, it will be in the near future as the demand for content explodes. This is the way the world is moving! What do you thnk? Please leave your thoughts and comments on this blog post. Can you out-source authenticity?

Note: After I orginally posted this topic, these articles came to my attention which might help you explore this topic further:

The ethics, of lack thereof, of ghost blogging by Jason Falls

Would you trust a company that ghost blogs? by Danny Brown

A defense of ghost blogging by Bill Sledzik

Why is this different from ghost-writing a book? by Wintress Odom

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