I met with a customer the other day who said she could never be creative enough to be in marketing. Of course I encouraged this line of thinking. Otherwise, why would she need me? ; )
But the fact is, the engine of marketing is research and data. To be sure, the best marketers need a flair of creative inspiration to look at a spreadsheet and find trends and truths, but the heart of marketing strategy — ALL marketing strategy — is fact-based analysis.
When I’m teaching or mentoring young folks, this is one of the biggest misconceptions of marketing — confusing it with advertising. When Dragnet’s Detective Joe Friday wanted “Just the facts, m’am,” he could have been coining a tagline for the consummate marketing professional. A successful business strategy comes from solid research on the potential opportunity, target customers, competitors and product testing before you ever start thinking about a creative ad treatment.

By the way, Joe Friday still looks so damn cool.

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