My friend Dr. Jerri Yates passed this story along illustrating the amazing power of Twitter. It’s from a mommy blog and it’s a tale worth telling, or in this case, summarizing, because the original post is LOOONG!
In this Twitter as hero tale, the star is blogger Heather Armstrong, who purchased a new washing machine to keep up with the diapers of her propitiously-pooping newborn. The brand-new $1,300 machine didn’t work. After several weeks of botched service calls, Heather vents on Twitter:
“So that you may not have to suffer like we have: DO NOT EVER BUY A MAYTAG. I repeat: OUR MAYTAG EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE.”
After a few similarly-scalding messages, the magic began. She received messages from Maytag competitors offering to help. Then she received a phone call from an executive at the Maytag corporate office who contacted an alternate repairs service, had the appropriate parts over-nighted, and had the machine repaired in less than a day. And Bosch offered to give her a free washing machine, which she accepted and donated to a local shelter.
If this doesn’t help you understand why your company needs to be in the thick of social media, you must be brain-dead.
A) It’s where your customers are (and that includes B2B, too mister!)
B) It’s where your customers speak to you
C) If you don’t listen and respond, your competitors will!
Illustration: Monkey Works
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