Writing this blog is like laying down a fresh canvas for you to paint on every day. At about 10 p.m. each night I stand back and look at what you’ve “painted” through your ideas and comments and think, “Wow … look at what we’ve created here! This is VERY COOL!”
In one of my former jobs I led a new product development effort for a $2 billion brand. It was one of the most rewarding professional experiences because I saw in powerful ways how surrounding myself with excellent people can turn a good idea into a great idea.
I’m getting that same rush all over again. {grow} is a great community. We’re driving new ideas, challenging current paradigms, inspiring and supporting each other. Do you feel this happening too?
I’ve decided that it’s time to step it up, push a little more. Try some different things. Based on your comments, here are some things I’ve been thinking about:
>> The value of this blog is clearly a “conversation starter.” How do I facilitate this even more effectively?
>> Through some of your comments I can discern a need for future blogs topics. For example, you wanted an article on how to “sell” social media to your boss, so I wrote about that. But how do I really know what’s going on with my audience? How do I collect your ideas in a more formal way?
>> I’m frustrated about the transitory nature of blog posts/comments. After about 2-3 days we move on to the next post and the next idea. But how do I index and make these amazing conversations available to others in the future (like next week!). I have read a ton of blogs but have not seen a best practice in this area. What do you think?
>> Many of the blogs I read cover the same subjects ad nauseum. Somebody wrote that they like my blog because I’m not in the “echo chamber.” That’s a great compliment! How do I generate consistently excellent and compelling content to keep it that way?
>> We’re getting a lot of hit and run commenters (i.e. they are anonymous or comment once and never return). How do I/we provide so much value that they can’t wait to come back and contribute again?

I appreciate you so very much for visiting and contributing to {grow}. Some of you are even becoming close friends and business colleagues. Thanks for making this blog so rewarding and fun! What are your ideas about taking this to the next level? How do we grow {grow} together?

Illustration: This is supposed to be a peacock. I never claimed to be an artist. : ) Did ANYBODY get it?
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