I saw an inventive little advertisement from Volkswagen – you type in your Twitter handle and it recommends a car for you based on your tweets. One friend tried it and said it recommended the very car she was going to buy.

Other, playful sites (contributed by {grow} community member Nancy Scott) provide psychographic profiles on demand: Tweetpsyche and Personas.

Now these clever apps may seem like cute carnival tricks, but the point is, marketers can learn a lot from your tweets. A new crop of apps is being developed with their own secret sauce to glean personality information from slicing and dicing what you say and who say it to.
And it’s all out there … for free.
The other day a Nielsen representative tried to call me for a survey. I was in a particulalry busy period trying to keep the world safe for blogging and couldn’t be bothered. They tried contacting me three more times before giving up. I guess I was just feeling curmudgeonly.
Mr. Nielsen, why not just look at my tweets? You can probably find almost anything you’re looking for right there. The music, TV and movies I like. Books, politics, romance. Attitude and gratitude.
The social media consumer research applications being developed right now represent the most exciting, dynamic aspect of marketing I have seen in my career. Your tweets are certainly going to turn into marketing gold.
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