I grew up in Pittsburgh and so naturally learned a lot about American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. A reporter once asked him the secret of his phenomenal business success. His answer was simple:
“I have the courage to surround myself with people who are smarter than me.”
This has always been one of my favorite “life quotes.” It marked my managerial style in corporate America and I think it is a valuable piece of wisdom for those engaging on the social web, too … especially blogs.
This favorite quote came to mind as I read the comments on my blog post this week, “Blogging – The Ultimate Team Sport.” I began to wonder, is the community on {grow} the team, or are they the leader? : ) Maybe a little of both!
The big point is, so much value can be created on the social web by surrounding yourself with brilliant people and then having the confidence and wisdom to turn over the conversation to people who really know what they’re talking about! That’s when the magic happens, whether you’re making steel or creating ideas.
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