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And now a word from our sponsor

I’m taking some time off and I’m not one of those super hero types who blog when they are on vacation. I am spending time with my family, not the computer.

However, I’ve set-up some of my favorite blog posts from the past for you to view while I’m gone. If you’re new to {grow} I think you’ll enjoy them and if you’re familiar with the blog, well … you’ll probably be bored quite frankly, but I’m doing my best : )  See ya soon!

“Listening” graphics have a long way to go

blog world grafic

The big BlogWorld Expo was this week in Las Vegas and I was anxious to learn as much as I could about what was going on out there.

One of the outputs was the above image.  It’s supposed to tell us what conversations are going on and the relationships between the keywords.  I’m tiring of these ridiculous graphics.  Am I supposed to oooh and aaah that this graphically depicts that “Vegas” and “blogger” were the two key terms from this conference?  What insight does this chart really provide? And yet, I see more and more meaningless stuff like this every day.

I’ve been spending time studying the trends in social media monitoring and have been impressed with the rapid progress.  But there is still a lot of noise like this chart that really tells us nothing.  The fact is, the most meaningful keyword and sentiment analysis is all still being done MANUALLY.

For all the social media “listening” we’re supposed to be doing, we had better come up with better ways to show our company managment what’s going on.

Your chance to help a {grow} friend!

a-helping-handThe {grow} community is our little cyber salon where we can hang out, get to know each other, and hash out some issues together.  I also like to extend a hand and help readers where I can, and I hope you will, too.

Jamie Wallace (@suddenlyjamie) has been an important contributor to {grow} as a guest blogger and commenter. You might recall an article she wrote, “Why measuring social media ROI is like being a great bartender” which became  an Internet sensation!

She’s trying to secure a position as a blogger with NatureMade Vitamin Company and part of that process is an online voting competition. Let’s call it what it is: a vitamin-infused publicity stunt, and probably a good one!  She has to be one of the top 20 vote-getters to be considered for the job.

In any event, Jamie passionately wants this job and YOU have a chance to help her get it by voting for her.  That’s right. You can help one of our community members get a job!  Click here to help:

This is a chance to support Jamie and thank her for her contributions in this space. Thanks for making this community AMAZING by helping each other when we need it!

P.S.  Tweeting this article will help Jamie, too.

P.P.S.  Isn’t “The Jungle Book” a great movie?  I think it was the first film I ever saw in a theater.

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