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Who are the most influential people in social media marketing?

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I’ve been thinking about lists on Twitter and how they might be used to assess someone’s influence.  I’m about to let you in on my thought process.   Please keep all  hands and feet in the car until it comes to a complete stop. We are entering murky and dangerous waters …

My assumption is that if somebody puts you on a list, they really want to pay attention to you.  They are giving you a vote of confidence.

By dividing the number of lists a person is on by their total number of followers, I believe this might serve as a quick and dirty rating of relative influence. To me, this is one simple method to answer the question — you have a lot of followers, but how many REALLY listen to you?

Certainly this is more straight-forward than the mysterious algorithms of Twitter grading apps. Both number of followers and number of lists are public, easily-accessible data points.   Another advantage is that “list” is a relatively new Twitter function.  People have not had time to figure out how to “game” it yet.  If this formula would catch on, people will probably figure out a way to boost their numbers, but in this moment in time, it’s still “pure.”

For your edification and discussion, I came up with a representative list of top social media bloggers (those with more than 10,000 followers) and ran the list formula (# of lists / # of followers = influence rating).   Try it on your own favorite marketing personalities.   Any surprises?

Blogger Followers Listed Rating
Olivier Blanchard            18,167          926 5.10%
Mitch Joel            12,673          593 4.70%
Valeria Maltoni            12,183          553 4.50%
Beth Harte            14,045          634 4.50%
Chris Brogan          110,239       4,811 4.40%
Steve Rubel            34,632       1,465 4.20%
Jeremiah Owyang            56,038       2,212 3.90%
Guy Kawasaki         194,955       7,661 3.90%
Jason Falls            19,100          701 3.70%
Darren Rowse            82,648       2,975 3.60%
Chris Pirillo            74,372       2,677 3.60%
Mack Collier            11,517         413 3.60%
Amber Naslund            21,432         721 3.40%
Scott Monty            34,777      1,132 3.30%
Danny Brown           17,880         555 3.10%
John Jantsch            28,753        898 3.10%
Chris Garrett            17,404         459 2.60%
Joseph Jaffe            14,958          245 1.60%
Mashable      1,772,210    17,972 1.00%
Jeff Bullas         25,878         251 0.90%
Gary Vaynerchuk         849,441     3,398 0.40%

P.S. My own ranking came up as 4.5.  Eat your heart out Brogan.  ;  )

Calling all bloggers


I’m really proud and pleased with how the {grow} community has, well … grown.  Reading your comments every day is like tapping into some of the best minds in the world on the most relevant topics in marketing today.  It’s also a lot of fun!  Thank you.

One way we can all get to know each other a little better is by following the blogs of other community members. I thought it might be nice to give you an opportunity to shamelessly promote your own blog.  Please let the other community members know about your blog in the comment section below and tell us a few words about what you like to write about!

As one audience member recently wrote, ” the {grow} community is like no other.” One of the aspects that I like about it is that we look for opportunities to HELP EACH OTHER.  I encourage you to read, support and comment on each other’s blogs as a way to connect and support the entire global {grow} community.

Appreciating this tribe more than you will ever know,