Belem Tower, Portugal

Belem Tower, Portugal

Miss me?  You DID?  Awwww … I missed you too.

Time to get back to work after a spectacular two-week vacation in Europe.  But for fun, I thought I would give you a little insight into my holiday.  Here is my trip by the numbers:

1, 707 — Number of emails in my inbox when I got home.

691 – Number of photos I took on the trip.

75 percent – Drop in readership of my blog when I recycled my “greatest hits” for my vacation.  There’s a lesson there.  Maybe it’s you can’t take a vacation from blogging  : )

45 – Cost (dollars) of a five minute cab ride from hotel to airport in Seville. No kidding.  There’s corruption there somewhere.  By comparison, the cost of a 25-minute cab ride in Lisbon was about $8.

38 – Total number of countries I have visited now that I’ve added Portugal and Morocco to the list.

29 — Number of blog posts Chris Brogan wrote in the 14 days I was away. Dude, that is just ridiculous.

Five – Number of MEANINGFUL emails in my inbox when I got home.

10 — Minutes of rain encountered over 14 days.

1.51 – Five-year record exchange rate that was hit while I was on vacation.  These days, you don’t go to Europe for the bargains.

One – Number of times I got really, really lost on the local roads. This was remarkable because my brand new Garmin GPS system did not work worth a damn.  It kept saying I was driving through a forest.

Zero.  Number of free, public Wi-Fi spots I encountered the entire trip. Perhaps this is a factor in Europe’s relatively slow adoption of social media?

Any way, I’m glad to be home and in dialogue with you again.   One of the things I’ve realized is that the evolution of social media is measured in dog years.  I was only gone two weeks but it seems like 14.  What did I miss?

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