I have a new follower this week.  And this is her Twitter profile.

Notice anything odd?  Of course you did … you already read my headline and your momma didn’t raise no dummy.

When I saw this anomaly I tweeted it out and asked for ideas on how something like this could occur. A couple of the many replies I received:

Frank Podlaha CarpData

@markwschaefer devil’s advocate: not everyone on twitter is a biz, or has a purpose. maybe a 3rd party app is using as a membership engine

Jay Williams jaywilliamsPR

@markwschaeferre: missprisci – check out her 1,000-yard stare. She’s as mad as a box of frogs.

Neicole Crepeau neicolec

@markwschaefer I think “she” is associated with this (weight loss) site. http://priscillaproberts.com/ Looks like she’s building a following

L. Brian Woodroof tnrkitect

@markwschaefer they are using one of those automated follow services. Not sure how they get around the limit, but they do.

Greg Linnemanstons greglinn

@markwschaefer And she’s on 19 lists, but still no tweets!

For the record, I sent Priscilla a DM, expressing my genuine curiosity.  No response … no surprise either!

What’s your take on this?

1)  How can somebody skirt the Twitter system and get 7,000 folowers with nary a tweet?

2) Let’s say I did follow her back.  What are the implications?  How would missprisc use me to make money for her nefarious weight loss schemes?

3) And why is she mad as a box of frogs?

Miss Priscilla P. Roberts, why torment me like this?  You are such a little Twitter Tease.

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