“The essence of an exceptional technology public relations agency is not something that can be captured with words. Rather, it is something that must be experienced.”Tech Image website

Well, I sure had an “experience” with Tech Image — and not a very professional one.

I get “pitched” by authors and publicists every week who are trying to get a mention on {grow}.  As you’ve noticed, I don’t normally advocate products or services here. To me, the blog would start looking like one of those jackets the NASCAR drivers wear. But I’m polite, especially when the folks think enough to write a personal note or even mention my blog. Even though I may not be interested in a product, I’m always interested in the person and building new connections.

Likewise, I also get tons of spam like everybody else, which I politely dump.

But this week I got one of the worst pitches ever … from a notable PR company (the aforementioned Tech Image) because it was spam … publicizing an eBook on email best practices from a company called Campaigner.

The irony of this is just too great to ignore.

So let’s use this as a lesson on how NOT to promote yourself to a blogger.

1) If you’re sincere in trying to make a connection with me, don’t send a form junk letter pretending to know me. Then I have to figure out if I really know you and that just takes up time that I frankly don’t have. It would be much better to say upfront, “we’re sending this out to a list of marketing bloggers who might be interested in …”. At least then I know you’ve done a little homework … which is good … but that I don’t have to figure out where we’ve met before.

2) Don’t send me unwanted spam to tout email marketing best practices. When I send out my email newsletter through Constant Contact it takes me through a series or prompts to remind me that people I am contacting have actually opted-in for the mailer. Isn’t THAT a best practice?

3) If this is important to Campaigner, why isn’t Campaigner sending out the email?  So let’s get this straight, I’m getting a promotion on email marketing best practices, published by an email marketing company, who can’t send out their own email marketing? Having a third party send out your emails. Hmm, is that also one of the best practices I should note?

Now compare this to a note I got last week from Chris Houchens.

Hi Mark —

We follow each other on Twitter (@shotgunconcepts) and I’m a reader of your blog.

I was wondering if you would be interested in a comp copy of my latest book, “Brand Zeitgeist: Embedding Brand Relationships into the Collective Consciousness.”   The book reinforces basic marketing and branding principles and illustrates how businesses can use fundamental aspects of human nature to develop a brand strategy.

Also since I’m so close to Knoxville, I was wondering if there was a possibility of some sort of event we could partner on. I could give a 30/60 minute presentation on the basics of branding, do book signings, etc. You could invite current/potential clients of your agency to the event and use it to develop your business. Just a thought. If you have another idea, I’m open to all.

Now isn’t THAT how it’s done?

P.S. “Brand Zeitgeist” is a short, sweet little book on brand evolution using examples from some of the world’s most enduring icons. The book can be found HERE. Support the community : )

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