Check out this quote from Patrick CraneVP Marketing, LinkedIn

“We started the LinkedIn Blog almost three years ago when we were a 60 person company.  Now we are a 600 person company … Promoting your blog front and center is a massively efficient way to promote your business and achieve multiple nosiness objectives — launch products, hire talent, proactively address issues your company faces, tap the evangelism of your customers … Management was dubious in the beginning, but Kay Luo our PR lead pushed it through. Nobody doubts the power of our blog now. In fact they depend upon it.”

It seems like every day I see research, testimonies and case studies like this supporting the idea that blogs are not only creating new business benefits for corporations, they’re rapidly filling an information need for customers throughout the sales cycle.

Yet, many companies have been sluggish to climb on board.  At others, the intiative may be misunderstood, with only half-hearted management support. And despite the fanfare of Twitter, Facebook and their much-hyped cousins, meaningful guidance on establishing and nurturing a blog in a corporate setting has been incredibly rare.  

Clearly the time is right to re-think the role of the company blog and figure out how to unleash its potential.

If you’re a blogger, thinking about blogging, or struggling with blogging, I’d like to alert you to an exceptional opportunity.  Billy Mitchell, a frequent contributor to the {grow} community and leader of MLT Creative in Atlanta, asked me to spend some time studying the opportunities and challenges of the business blog.  The results will be presented in a free webinar and the release of an accompanying eBook Wednesday, April 14.  This unique one-hour event plows  new ground for corporate bloggers, examining questions like:

  • Positioning a company blog as a point of competitive differentiation
  • Dealing with company politics and blogging 
  • The myth of community building
  • Using your blog to “sell me softly”

I’m really proud of how this presentation developed in terms of the uniqueness of the information and the quality of the materials.   This will be a fascinating, fast-paced event jammed with new ideas. I hope you can attend this event with me and join this timely discussion about unleashing your blog. Click HERE to learn more!

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