I was thinking … if {grow} is a community — which it certainly is — why am I always the center of attention?  I shouldn’t be.

I’m turning the tables and featuring some of the outstanding writing and ideas of the community.  It’s time to shine the spotlight on NEW VOICES on the social scene.  So I am going to try out “Community Week,” which will feature amazing guest posts from fresh new writers — some of our most dedicated thought-leaders who have been contributing to {grow}.

Actually the experiment is going to last two weeks but I thought it would be dumb to call it “Community Two Weeks” or “Community Half-Month.”  Consider it poetic license.

I challenged these relatively new bloggers to compose a post that ONLY THEY COULD WRITE — none of this “Five Twitter Tips” stuff.  And the result is really exciting and impressive!

In the next two weeks you’re going to hear from …

  • An introvert’s perspective of Twitter.
  • A woman who re-invented her career through the social web.
  • A young guy who applied social media guerrilla tactics to get his band into a music festival.
  • A new college grad so dedicated to improving her personal brand that she built a strategy to measure and improve it.
  • One of the web’s most noted entrepreneurs on how she is struggling to transition from “do-er” to business “leader.”

… And a whole lot more!

There are even a few posts I disagree with.  But the point is, the next two weeks will add to the depth, diversity and fun of {grow} because it’s not all about me.

I would like to ask a favor.  I’m going to be out of the country for a few weeks so during this little sabbatical, please support these newcomers as they enter the stage on {grow}.  Adding your comments and promoting their posts through tweets is a great way to show true appreciation.

Thanks.  You’ll hear from me again in two weeks so don’t enjoy this TOO much!  Ciao!

~ Mark

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