Rebel Brown has been a long-time contributor to {grow} and today, her first book, Defy Gravity, is being published.  So it’s kind of a special day!  In today’s Community Week guest post, Rebel explains why she decided to write this important book …

I’ve been a consultant for more than 20 years, working with early stage startups, growth companies and for the past 10 years, turnarounds. Regardless of the size of business or their stage in their lifecycle, I saw the same thing limiting their growth. Gravity!  Gravity is what I call the weight holding them back, caused by status quo thinking and processes.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the way we’ve always done it.  That’s human nature.  We like the comfort and safety of the known and sure. Reaching out to embrace different ways of thinking and doing is not our first impulse, in business or in our personal lives.

Yet the way we’ve always done it is the reason for the mess we’re in. And if we’re not in a mess yet – just keep doing it the way you’ve always done it and you will be in a mess soon enough.   Our world, our markets and our lives change too quickly to rely on our past to define our present, or our future.


That’s why I wrote Defy Gravity.  I wanted to help people think differently about the beliefs and knowns in their businesses.  After 20 years consulting, I can tell you for sure that when we release status quo behaviors and patterns that create Gravity, we can find new opportunities for growth.


Defy Gravity is a guide to challenging your status quo and reevaluating your business, your value and your markets.  The book includes everything a reader needs to learn the basic principles of business flight for growth — from concepts and logic to tactical execution planning. Defy Gravity goes beyond most business strategy books to include questions, exercises, case studies and flight planning guides to help you create and execute your plan.

As I always tell my clients — I don’t know anything they don’t already know.  I just see their businesses differently. I’m objective and have Zero Gravity in my approaches and perspectives.  At least I that’s the way I am when I walk in their door!   When I work with a client long-term I have to guard against Gravity as well.   That’s how insidious Gravity is.  We all get too close to the situations we’re in. We get stuck in our status quo way of seeing and thinking – and we never even see it happening.

Defy Gravity is written as a thinking person’s guide to challenging their knowns in pursuit of high velocity growth.  It’s a new way of thinking and evaluating your business, its value, its opportunities and the Gravity that can hold you back.

Once you ditch your Gravity – the sky’s the limit.

Special note from Rebel to readers of {grow} — As my special Launch Day gift to you – I’m giving away the workbook for Defy Gravity FREE to anyone who buys the book today, September 14. Simply click here to get your free Workbook and gifts – TODAY ONLY.

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