As you’ve probably noticed, there have been quite a few changes here at {grow}. I hope you like the new design and features.

Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to add new content and services that I think you’ll really like but I’m kicking things off with a new FREE eBook on corporate blogging.

The first edition of this book was made available in May and it received rave reviews.  Michele Linn of the Content Marketing Institute and Jamie Wallace of Suddenly Marketing recently described this as one of the best eBooks on the web.  The new edition has twice as much content and is jammed with practical tips to get the most from your company blog.

Many thanks to Billy Mitchell and the talented crew at MLT Creative for the exciting design in this publication.

The new blog design comes from Patrick Molter and Clint Barnes of Red Goat Creative.  The first time I saw the “paint splat concept” I wasn’t wild about it, but it grew on me.  I think it represents the content on {grow} pretty well — colorful, edgy and sometimes a little wild. And, it’s obviously a work in progress!  That’s why we’re all here I guess — to push each other and GROW.  I also think it is a fitting symbol that this is a vibrant community and not just about me. There are lots of colorful splashes (your comments) that make this blog and community so cool.

So paint splash it is.

I also hope you like the Gini Dietrich Memorial Comment Section.  Gini has been pushing me to get a state-of the art comment area for months, and specifically to use Livefyre.  This technology is still in beta and frankly took longer than needed to implement but I hope it will be a reliable vessel for the most important part of the blog — your comments.

We’re still working out a few bugs, but I hope you enjoy the new and improved {grow}.  I would value your comments and ideas for further improvement.

Thanks for creating this community with me!

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