In a recent post, Michael Bertoldi laments that his blog reader is becoming a sea of sameness: “ROI, engagement, twitter, ROI, criticism, you’re not doing it right, ROI.”

This struck a chord with me.  First, I’m going to trash that post I’m writing on ROI. : )  Second, I realized I’m really getting bored with my blog reader.  I’m guessing maybe you are too so let’s do something about.

In America, we have this tradition called a pot-luck dinner.  Friends gather at a home, church or community center and bring their favorite dish to share. That way, you get to sample many different types of delicious foods even though you only brought one dish.

Let’s have a {grow} community pot-luck dinner and bring our favorite blog for everyone to sample.

In the comment section, simply provide a link to one favorite blog. The only request is that you try to cook up something new. We have all heard of Chris Brogan and Brian Solis! What is your one favorite blog you would like others to discover?

I’ll get the party started. I’ve brought the first course.

My blog for you to discover is Cyberpop by Sidney Eve Matrix at  Sidney Eve is a university professor who writes about social media, trends and research from an exciting cultural perspective. Her posts are also thoroughly documented and rich with interesting links.

Ok, time for you to share a tasty blog with our community. Thanks for coming to the party!

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