Over the past few weeks I have hosted several discussions here on {grow} about websites “re-purposing” content from my blog. Sometimes things show up in the weirdest places but the website depicted below just might take the cake!

Read the copy on this blog post.  I’m proud to announce that I believe I have discovered the first Klingon blog:

Spammers do the darndest things. They can be just so adorable.

This site is actually an affilate link back to Amazon where you can legitimately buy the book. Just thought this was so goofy that I wanted to share it. The language used in this ad sort of grew on me, so I would like to close by saying,

“Site ? Strange for most Random People. ? It remains Rhyme and research for r yourself.  al Seutage!”

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope your day is Tribble Free.

P.S. If you REALLY want to get your nerd on, here is a link to the Klingon Language Institute.


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