As somebody with a fairly high social media presence, it’s not easy to “sneak off” for an extended vacation.  I have a blog community to think about and I also get a lot of business-related tweets.  I don’t want to disappoint people so I announced that I was going on vacation, where and when.

Although this was certainly a digital de-tox, I occasionally sent out a few tweets along the way.  An interesting thing happened.  Every time I sent out a tweet I was scolded by multiple people with something like “Why are you tweeting? I thought you were on vacation!” It got to the point where I cringed each time I sent out a tweet.

Now I would like to know something. Who made the rule that you can’t tweet while you’re on vacation?  And why are we policing each other?

Certainly there is a business element to Twitter. Heck, I wrote a whole book about it.  But Twitter is also home to some of my best friends from around the world and sending out a tweet is an easy and quick way to keep in touch with them along the way.

To me, and I hope to you, Twitter is FUN.  In fact, I even did a little writing on my vacation. Yes, that’s fun too.

I don’t normally obssess about Klout scores but was curious to see what would happen when I went on vacation.  Here’s the answer:


So the implication is, going on vacation makes you less influential!  And of course, a little getaway also cost me value on Empire Avenue, which I care even less about than Klout:

Hey, I’m a great buy right now. Ha!

Scolded by my readers, pounded by Klout, abandoned by Empire Avernue!  What’s a guy to do?  The message seems to be that the world of social media punishes those who go on vacation.  To succeed on the social web, stay put! : )

Addition to the original post: Quite a few people have mis-interpreted this post and I feel compelled to clarify.

This post was written tongue-in-cheek.  I am not seriously advocating dismissing vacation for social media, I am not really lamenting the loss of my “numbers” and I’m not really encouraging people to buy me on Empire Avenue because I’m a deal.

Writing for a diverse audience is difficult, especially under the pressure of other deadlines, as well as making up for vacation time.  I guess I assume that people “get me” and my sense of humor but that is not always the case, especially for new readers.

The point of this post is to encourage balance in your life and NOT be caught up in the numbers.  Stay centered, stay focused, stay real, and the results will take care of themselves. Sorry for any confusion!

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