If you think your blog could use a little more punch, listen up!  Here are three ideas that anybody can use to make your blog posts sing with some editing bling! Let’s get phat.

Go non-linear.  In school and in business, we’re conditioned to write in a linear way. We start at the beginning, discuss the middle, and conclude with the end. To grab your readers and improve your blog immediately, start with the end. That’s right. Tell your readers the conclusion FIRST.  The blog-reading public is a busy and unforgiving lot. If you don’t grab them in the first sentence you’re going to lose them. So tell them exactly why they are reading your blog post. Deliver the goods.

Edit ruthlessly.  And I don’t mean abandoning your best friend Ruth.  I mean cut extraneous writing.  There is no good writing, only good re-writing. Go back through your post and delete everything that is not essential to moving your point along. I know that can be difficult, especially if you’re proud of what you wrote, but get tough and do it.  Your readers will thank you! I would say most of my posts end up being 20 percent shorter than when they started!

Bring some heat. Dig deep and figure out how to deliver an idea to your readers in a fresh and personal way. The heart of originality is bringing YOUR experience and personality to your writing. Don’t settle for ordinary — go the extra step and add some of your own personal flair to the topic.  Here are examples of typical headlines you might see on the blogosphere and a personalized version that would demonstrate some creative bling:


A strategy to build a Twitter Community


Bringing Down the Twitter Snobs


SEO for Bloggers


How I Became a Google Whore


Building Social Media Relationships


Social Media and My Big Conversation Fail

See? Isn’t bling more interesting? Now go forth and make your blogs sing!

If you added a fourth editing tip to this post, what would it be?

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