This is a blog post with a mission and shortly, you’ll see why.  I’m going to keep the link to use far into the future and maybe you will too. I think it will save you time and get you out of awkward situations for years to come.  Here we go:

Dear Twitter follower:

I enjoy connecting with people and am eager to help my social media friends in any way I can. However, it is a bit awkward when folks ask me to tweet a link, contribute to a charity, review a blog post, read your book, examine your website, review your business strategy, or like a Facebook page when I don’t really know you.

The social web is a weird place.  Perhaps you have been following me for some time and maybe you’re even reading my blog.  I can see why you might think that you know me.  But from my perspective, it is a little spooky to have people I have never heard of pop up and ask me to do them favors.  And all these requests add up!  If I answered every request from people who want to “pick my brain” I would not be able to feed my family. You see, as a consultant, my time is the only thing I have to sell.

How can we correct this situation?

For people who authentically try to connect with me on my social sphere — commenting on blogs, connecting with me on Twitter, conversing on Google Plus or Facebook — I will enthusiastically and tirelessly help them in any way I can.  In fact, I give my time to help somebody almost every single day.

Remember that the social web is about being SOCIAL.  It’s about giving. In fact, it’s about giving, giving, giving, giving, giving … and THEN asking.  So please get to know me before asking for a favor, OK?  I look forward to that because once we’re connected, you never know where it may lead.

Thanks for taking this first step.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger,

Mark Schaefer


A shortened link for your future enjoyment and use : )

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