Social media marketing progress in a developing country

If you can’t see this video, please click here: Mark Schaefer interviews Kimmo Linkama.

On my recent vacation I was able to visit with marketer Kimmo Linkama from Estonia.  I was totally impressed with this small country and how it has emerged from decades of Soviet oppression to become a vibrant regional economic engine. The capital of Tallinn is also an extremely beautiful city with much of its Medieval city center in place.

Kimmo hs been a Twitter friend for two years and a valuable member of the {grow} community. This short video discussion is an opportunity to get to know him and see what it’s like working in a country still recovering from decades of communist oppression.  How do you establish a social media voice in a small country, with a minor language (Estonian), and well behind the social media marketing curve?  I love learning about other views and angles on the social media scene and I think you’ll agree this is a rare and interesting perspective, especially his observation on the seemingly “frantic” activity in America.

When social media and genitals meet. A {growtoon}

When social media and genitals meet

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