A superb Community Week Guest Video Post from Erica Allison!

If you’re just starting out with blogging and feeling overwhelmed, this video is a MUST!

Erica Allison is the president of Allison Development Group and she shares her personal experience as a small business owner who has a blog for business purposes. Her blog is a source of referrals and leads for new business. The ‘take-aways’ she offers here are based on her experience and are useful in “‘making the case” for business blogging.

She suggests starting with measurable goals that you routinely evaluate. She also learned not to overwhelm the process or yourself with an unrealistic schedule. Give yourself time to post, comment, share AND do your job! The third suggestion is to have an active presence on Twitter. With her presence on Twitter, Erica is able to send people to her blog, her website and ultimately to her business as a new client.

A great post!  Let Erica know what you think in the comment section!


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