search engine logoI’m doing some work for a company called Freesource* and they’ve developed a cool app I thought I’d pass along.

Freesource has introduced a new search engine to help you find free business tools on the web.  The premise of the company is that you can significantly reduce your company’s costs and improve effectiveness by knowing how to leverage all the stuff on the web that people are willing to give away for free.  So this search engine is kind of their “matchmaker.”

The application is available at  Here’s how it works. One of the opinions I’ve expressed on this blog is that there needs to be an integrated, robust social media measurement system for small businesses … and I want it for free.  By submitting “analytics” in the Freesource search engine, I found TWELVE free social media analytical tools.  So now I’ll know how to spend my weekend.  : )

This can also benefit your business in reverse — if your company has something free you’d like to expose through this search engine, let Freesource know and they might just crank it in there for you.

Another nice feature of this app is that it offers a synopsis of the free service and user ratings.  Since this is literally brand new there aren’t a whole lot of reviews yet, but you can begin to see the potential of this tool as an important resource for any company.

Give it a spin and find how you can put free to work for your company!

*Disclosure: Freesource is one of my clients but I have not been compensated to write this article.  They didn’t even ask. I just think this is an extremely useful tool that would benefit the {grow} community and I wanted you to be the first to know about it!

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