The making of a social media slutI crossed the line.  I think I have become a social media slut.

Before I tell my tale, let me relate a few of my experiences this week …

  • A very talented friend told me he was rejected for a job at a major ad agency because his Klout score was too low.
  • A B2B marketing agency Managing Director told me he chose between two qualified candidates based on their Klout score.
  • A friend in D.C is creating a Klout 50 Club exclusive to people with high Klout scores. Why? He wants to find good hires for social media marketing.
  • A woman told me her boyfriend was accepted to a prestigious conference based on his Klout score alone.

These experiences occurred in the span of 72 hours.

This morning I had coffee with a family friend who just graduated from college and is seeking her first job as a writer/content creator.  She was eager to seek my advice on what she should do to get ahead and land a job.

My leg began to twitch.  My hands became cold and clammy.  My lips quivered.

And then the terrible words came out of  my mouth. “You need to take a hard look at your Klout score. It could make a difference if you’re seeking an entry level social media job.”

Oh my God. What did I just say??  What have I done?  I recommended that this young lady game a score to get a job? That she needed to focus on an internet RATING of her worthiness?

I felt sick and … dirty.  Filthy.  Slutty.

I still do. This isn’t what I want social media to be about.  This is not what I want people to aspire to. And yet, I can’t ignore what’s happening out there.  Facts are facts.  I would have been remiss to NOT mention it to her.

An algorithmic measure of influence can never tell the whole story, but it seems that it is starting to become a quick and easy indicator of … something.  Something that people are grabbing on to.  In a world where people are auto-responding their relationships and making business decisions based on 140-character sound bites, this thing seems to be going mainstream.

I’ll turn this over to you and your comments. I need to scrub down.

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