When I was starting out on my social media journey, I blogged a lot.

I blogged for {grow} of course.

I blogged for clients.

I did guest posts.

I wrote for the Rutgers University blog.

I did posts to help out friends.

Some days, it was not unusual for me to crank out 4-5 blog posts on top of teaching, consulting and speaking.

And here’s what I learned. Every single non-{grow} post I wrote sapped strength from MY blog.

To me, posts on other blogs became my kryptonite. Every word I wrote for something else made {grow} a little weaker. It diluted my effort to build my own brand.

Guest posting is a very popular way to get noticed and attract an audience. Honestly, I don’t know how much it really worked for me. I don’t have any data of course, but it seems like things started to happen for me when I finally shed all these other projects and put everything I had into my own content and community.

What is your experience? Is guest posting a viable strategy to gain attention or a blogger’s kryptonite?

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