Learning from Cosmo: My fresher, sexier blog

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One thing about blogging —  Headlines matter!  And this is what I’ve learned from standing at the grocery checkout line:  Nobody does headlines better than Cosmopolitan magazine.

So I’ve decided to tear a page from the Cosmo playbook and make my blog fresher and sexier.  Here are the upcoming {grow} posts you can look forward to in 2010:

  • RSS — Really Sensational Sex!
  • Five steps to a curvy new blog
  • Pete Cashmore: Our sexy uber nerd!
  • 10 ways to tone your butt while text messaging
  • Your best sex ever!  They don’t call it the mashup for nothing
  • The Amanda Chapel Diet – Swearing your way to a sexy new you
  • America’s hottest tweetup cities!
  • From You Tubby to YouTube — Techniques to make you look 10 pounds thinner!
  • Facebook break-ups!  Your most outrageous stories!
  • Google: The REAL “G Spot!”
  • Ten make-up tips for looking good even in those stupid little Twitter pictures
  • Chris Brogan’s total makeover

So what do you think?  Am I on to something here?  Have I become too sexy for my blog?

Disclosure: For those of you who may be new to this blog, this is an attempt to be amusing.   I do it now and then to spice things up a bit around here. 
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  • Clutch! You definitely have NOT become “too sexy for your blog”—You’re “blogging sexy back!”

  • Mark

    Thanks for the support : )

  • I’m hooked! Sexy headlines get me all the time.


  • lol this is great, Mark! I’m glad I’m catching up this morning and didn’t miss this one. Your humor posts always make my day.

    BTW your “10 ways to tone your butt while texting” reminded me of a forum post making the rounds in the knitting world right now – Knit Yourself Thin! – which was sadly from an article on MSN Health & Fitness. Unfortunately I don’t think they wrote it with your sense of humor.

  • Hahahaha. Gotta be honest, I might support some of those. I can’t get enough of Failbooking – the breakup stories are usually my fave.

    Personally, I think you should take a page from Glamour, and have that little black bar appear over certain people’s Twitter pictures. As in…if I can’t tell if you’re wearing a shirt or not, you get the black bar of shame.

  • I believe I just pissed my britches on this blog post. This is definitely one of those I NEED A DEPEND KIND OF MOMENTS BECAUSE I JUST PISSED MYSELF!

  • Mark

    @Toni Making a reader piss her britches. I think that may be a first. Ha!

  • You should submit some of those ideas to Cosmo!  I think they’re hilarious.

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