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I had the pleasure of being Trey Pennington’s guest on his Marketing Professor Radio Show last week.  I didn’t know where the conversation would lead but I spent nearly the whole time talking about YOU, meaning the {grow} community.  A few topics:

  • Blogging and leadership
  • The importance of kindness
  • Writing for yourself
  • How to be a conversation starter
  • Building true community

If you have a mild interest in the bizarre thought processes that go on behind the scenes of {grow} you might want to check it out:  http://bit.ly/ahchhk

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  • I really enjoyed this podcast. I recommend you listen!

    I’m already looking into podcasting myself because I think it’s a really exciting medium, and a client wants me to make something for them.

    If anyone can recommend a good recorder + mic that’s portable and produces prof. sound quality, I’d apprecaite your suggestions. Thanks!

  • Mark, great stuff! As usual good insights. I was going to point out that blogger does allow you to host a “blogger” blog on your own website. The AIOI Blogger Blog was hosted on our site.

    However, Blogger in all their wisdom is shutting this ability down this month, that is the main reason I moved AIOI to it’s new location.

    I am interested in WordPress, but our new blog is free and looks good.. it is however, rather quirky..

    Anyway, hope all is well! Keep up the great work!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

  • Excellent, Mark. I particularly liked the parts about initiating communication and authoring. You should gather all the information that’s here on {grow} and edit it into a book. Would be a real assist for students and working pros as well.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the kind words, Gregory.

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