In praise of poopy blogs

I was rolling around on the floor with some of my young nieces and nephews and somehow the word “poop” entered the conversation.  Every time I said it, the kiddos would burst into hysterical fits of laughter.

Soon I was trying variations. Loud poop, soft poop, high poop, low poop.  There was Dr. Seuss-style poop. Ploopity-loopity-poop.

I would hold my breath, act like I was ready to burst, and then explode with poop … figuratively of course.

The kids were laughing so hard that soon the adults had tears running down their faces too.  It was one of the moments of contagious joy.

How I wish I could just bottle that up and share it with all of you.  So I thought I would start with this.


Did you smile?  Heck.  I smiled just typing it!  So there.  It’s a start.

Where is all this leading?  Nowhere. But of course if you read this blog you’re accustomed to that. I just thought it was time to plow new ground.  First major blogger to use “poopy” in a headline.  A true milestone in social media history. Eat my dust, Brogan.

Sometimes it’s challenging to provide meaningful content on {grow} and have fun too.  I’ll often look back at a week of posts and think, “It’s time to lighten up man. That was some serious shit.”  Or … serious poop. Either way.

So thanks for hanging with me on a not-so-serious, offbeat post. Now, I double-dare you to re-tweet it.  People will think you’re crazy but this might be your only chance to legitimately use “poopy” in a tweet. That is my gift to you.   Share the love.  Spread the poop.

Illustration: My nephew Owen!

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  • Carrie Bond

    Owen is adorable. My family has a reputation of not being able to get through one gathering without someone talking about poop. I guess there are worse things to be known for.

  • Rob Whitley

    That’s pretty funny. Enjoyed reading it. Nice to see a lightened up type post also.

  • Mark, you’ve got such a sense of humour. And, Oh my, Owen is cute !

    Great stuff.

  • Made me realize, it’s something I encounter on a daily basis. You’re right, I should laugh at it! 😉

  • Mark

    Thanks for being good sports!

  • You may also have discovered the secret sauce to search engine optimization. Everyone seeking “the straight poop” is certain to find you!

  • Mark

    @Bill I never thought of the search engine implications of this post. What did I just do to myself?

  • Mark, you’ll have to let us know what your top Google search results that drive traffic to your blog are!

  • LOL..this is priceless and what community building is all about. Well, not the poop but just the ability to talk about it and know everyone will laugh along with you (then come back for more).

  • Dia

    I definitely laughed. Thanks for putting a smile on the end the week!

  • Wow, you’re the shit (poop)…tweeting now.

  • Mark

    Man does not live by blog alone. Thanks for sharing the laugh!

  • Certainly made me laugh and smile. My kids are going through a phase where we can’t go one evening without them talking about poop.

  • You may find this hard to believe…but I actually POOP every blessed day. I am not lyin’ to ya. I do. And I think I’m pretty damn cool when I do.

    Even better: so does my dog! OK, sit back enviously, and watch my Klout rise when they hear about THIS. ;D

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