This is what happens when Barbie joins Twitter

This week Mattel announced a new video Barbie that has a tiny camera embedded in her chest (YouBoob?).  The iconic doll has fully joined the social media movement by leading her fans through a Foursquare scavenger hunt, Facebook puzzles and YouTube adventures.  She even has a Twitter account. Check out her tweet stream:

So here I am laying in a pile of naked Barbies again.  Feeling a strange tingly sensation. : p

@Skipper Of course I’m bitchy.  My boyfriend’s a eunuch.

Have you heard about new Blogger Barbie?  Sits at the computer all day. WTF?

Just got back from set of  Toy Story 3.  Potato Head was wasted again. #douchebag

@Ken No, no honey. Eunuch is Spanish word for HOT!  Luv U baby!

Let’s dress up!  I want to be Lady Gaga and shoot fire from my boobs!

Sitting at the Dream House watching #OldSpice on YouTube.  Yeah, well my man smells like polychlorates.

I would give anything to be able to take a good crap.

@mattel  So sick of pink I could hurl. Am I being sponsored by Pepto Bismol or what? #newcontract

Head just popped off again.  Not easy texting with nose.

@Ken LOL!  Polychlorates is the Spanish word for cinnamon silly!  Luv U baby!

I have now been under this damn couch for a week.  Need to get my drink on.

Being chewed up by the dog. Later!

For my friends around the world who are unfamiliar with Barbie, this was not real. It is supposed to be funny.

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  • Brilliant! I smell a new winner of a @BarbieGlobalPR Twitter account brewing here.

  • Two thumbs up, Mark.

    Now THAT is funny! (Wish I had thought of it!) Gonna steal it anyway.


  • Joyce Feld

    This is hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh.

  • ah, you are as sick and twisted as i am! LOL

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  • You ARE as sick as I thought!!!! Beautiful……..thanks for the laugh. Great way to end the week.

  • So, that snake that you found in your hearth earlier this week ~ did it, perchance, bite you?

    I enjoyed your rendition of Barbie’s Tweet stream more than the actual one that’s online. Seriously, 16,454 Followers? Good Golly – even plastic dolls are more popular than me!!

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  • Ha. Oh Barbie, where did your innocence go? Must have been when you dumped Ken for G.I. a few years back.

  • I love that Barbie is SO savvy & cynical and Ken is SO “blonde.” HA! Great stuff. You should take it on the road.

  • Mark

    Thanks for joining in on the fun everyone! Always nice to shake up the blog every now and then! : )

  • My mouth is still hanging open. Now I’m laughing. I never got into Barbie growing up but I might as an adult now!

  • Ike

    You left out:

    @ken I’ve been trying my damnedest to get Skipper on Twitter, but she won’t stop using text messages. Kids.

  • Mark

    Skipper HAS been trying, but it’s hard to hit those little buttons when your fingers are molded together!

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