The Douchebag Manifesto

You probably know by now that I like to shake it up with something light-hearted on Fridays but I think today’s video sends {grow} into an entirely new orbit.  A new Twitter friend, Jennifer Kane, gave this speech last year at Ignite Minneapolis. It’s one of the few videos I have seen recently that literally made me laugh loud enough to be heard across the street.  It was too funny and creative not to share with y’all.  Fasten your seat belt.

Warning — There’s strong language in this video.  Make sure the sound is not turned up if there are children around.

P.S. Sally — You won’t like this.

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  • You have officially started my day off with a giggle that turned into a chuckle that turned into a guffaw. Jennifer Kane has a new fan. Thanks for sharing, Mark & Happy Friday!!

  • This is a lot of fun, Mark. My wife in particular enjoyed it.

  • Glad you liked the video and that I’ve got you and your blog in my sights now. Looking forward to many entertaining exchanges, Mark!

    (p.s. Now I am intrigued by this “Sally” person. Sally…if you’re reading this, I am sorry you don’t think douchebags are funny. But trust me…they totally are. We should have martinis sometime and talk 🙂

  • Mark

    @Jen — I have a question for you as the {grow} douchebag authority. I couldn’t see all of the slides you used but it appears as though you pretty much refer to douchebags as a “he.” Can douchebags also be female? If not, what is the appropriate terminology for a woman who exhibits douchebag tendencies? I’m pretty sure I have some in my Twitterstream and i want to refer to them by the gender-appropriate description.

  • This was actually something I thought about a lot in developing the slides.

    Technically, yes, woman can be a douchebag (they are often referred to as a “douchebaggette.”) And I actually polled a number of people for suggestions of some. It was kind of a universal stumper.

    Ironically, a number of people suggested that the female douchebag is an emerging phenomenon associated with the social web. “Twitterlebrities” of both genders who have drank copious amounts of their own self-promo Kool-Aid are prime candidates for developing douchey tendencies.

  • Thanks Mark for sharing and thanks Jennifer for the presentation.

    We all have our daily demons and douchebags to deal with. I hadn’t really thought about it before watching the presentation, but now I get it. Even douchebags have to deal with other douchebags. It’s just the way it is and always will be.

    It’s not an easy situation to understand, much less live and work with. Thanks for the very clear and actionable instructions and advice Jennifer. You are a very funny lady!

  • Mark

    @Billy — I had not considered that douchebags have to deal with their own douchebags. It occurs to me this is a whole new class of ass. This is why you are known to be such an out of the box thinker.

  • Shirley White (@BrainsNBrawn)

    I love the last bit…”Let’s slap that mother f**ker in the face.” Hats off to Ms. Kane! I’m not in the marketing business, but this is what is needed at some of those boring marketing events…sorry, but sometimes they are. Only a woman could get away with getting up there and talkin about vaginas and the douche bag.

    Super video, thank you Mark for bringing it to us.

  • Thanks for your feedback Shirley. You might be interested to know that the few people in the room that night that told me they were highly offended by the talk were women. Very odd…

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  • Oh how I love thee.. I have found a new like minded, tell-it-like-it-is lady.. Don’t like it? Turn the channel or leave the room. Next.

    And it’s such a great word. It’s the epitome of slams.. it’s the King of Yahoo’s.. the Chief of Mo-Mo’s. All that aside, it couldn’t have come at a better time as we seem to be running into a lot of them lately but we just have always referred to them as Social Media Gurus.

    Happy Friday Mark!!

  • I’m not sure what I find funnier, the preso or the fact that there is an organization named “Ignite Minneapolis”?

  • James Adams

    Wow, that presentation was brilliant! It was really engaging and I loved the language as well as the information behind it. Thanks very much! This is something we’ve all got to deal with…and it’s especially hard in business, because you’ve got to work together.

  • Just an FYI Marc…there are Ignites all across the country. It’s like a speed presentation contest kind of thingy.

    Each presenter gets exactly 20 slides to talk about whatever they like, and each slide displays onscreen for exactly 15 seconds. You get the “go” cue and then you just start talking and try to stay in sync with your slides.

    I’d never done that presentation before. Haven’t done it since. Totally flying by the seat of my pants there.

  • Carrie Bond

    I’m catching up after vacation and this was just the laugh to start a busy day. Thanks Mark!

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