Approach the social web with authentic helpfulness and good things happen

I don’t make a habit of putting my life on display on the blog but I wanted to pass along some news that I’m excited about — and it’s a social media success story, too!

In a few weeks I will begin a new stint as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, teaching a course for a newly-developed social media marketing track of their MBA program. This is an add-on to the rest of my schedule — I’ll still keep up with my other commitments to teaching, consulting and of course … blogging!

I’m excited by this opportunity because I’ll be connected to some of the brightest students and faculty members in the country and get to test some of my ideas on social media marketing on a whole new level.

I absolutely love teaching so this is a great new challenge!

And like nearly every other business benefit I’ve accrued over the past two years, this one came courtesy of the social web. Of course I wouldn’t be teaching the class in the first place if I weren’t immersed in the channel myself but the actual opportunity came via my dear Twitter friend Christina “CK” Kerley, (@cksays).

I’ve followed CK on the web for more than a year now and she is one of the outstanding B2B marketing minds in the country.  I hang on her every tweet and post.  As luck would have it, she likes me too and soon we were building a friendship by exchanging ideas, phone calls and even a real life meeting in New York City a few months ago.

When she was asked for ideas of possible instructors for the new Rutgers MBA track, she recommended me. After a series of interviews, I was offered the position and in fact, we will both be teaching at this program, which will be a thrill.

The lesson I have learned over and over again is you just never know what will happen through your social media connections.  If you approach your audience with kindness, meaningful content and authentic helpfulness, good things happen.

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  • That is wonderful! Congratulations! 🙂

  • Mark sounds like you are now teaching in NJ at Rutgers? If so congrats!

    And love CK. She is great. But I think your story of inspiration is good for all facets of life. Social Web enables the law of attraction across great distances now. Trust me I have unfollowed plenty of Twitter accounts for various reasons. (Mark I spell checked ‘unfollowed’ and I tend to think it may not be a word? LOL But it needs to be one and so it is.) There are plenty of people who use the technology improperly, or not the nest intentions is better put and I guarantee they get what they sow.

    Now if we can only create a Mother Goose Tale with this moral, with a modern twist that could lead to a screen play and film rights. I think it would be a worthy endeavor.

  • Shirley White (@BrainsNBrawn)


    First, congratulations! Second, this news will prove to your followers that social networking really does works. So many are still skeptics.

    As for your approach to your audience…you my friend are exceptional! You never preach, you make it fun (which isn’t easy) to want to learn about networking, you take time to reply to any response sent your way, you make your followers feel important to you. That is a gift, a true gift of kindness and I thank you for that.

    Those new students will soon realize what an opportunity they’ve been given to learn from the best. Knockin dead, Mark.


  • David Rea

    It is gratifying when good things happen to good people. Stay genuine! Remember the guy with the long white beard that sings tenor.

  • Well Done Mark, Enjoy!!!

  • Mark

    Thanks to all for your kind words and warm wishes.

  • Way to make the channel work, Mark!

  • Matt Stegall

    Congrats, Mark!

  • This is great news Mark! I love how we tend to meet the most wonderful people at the most fortuitous times. It will feel fabulous to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the country. My heart and enthusiasm is behind you 100% ~ heck, I’m even Happy Dancing for you!!

  • Mark

    Thanks guys!

  • Congratulations Mark!

    Best wishes on your new opportunity.
    I am honored to know you…

  • Mark

    Thank you!

  • CK

    I am OVER the moon for you! And while I am so heartened by your kind words and boundless support, I’m the fortunate one to have been able to know you and refer you. Mark, you’ll not only guide students but you’ll equip them with what they need to soar in their careers for years.

    Sending a high-five and a big hug your way. See you in NYC soon!

  • Oh, this is great news! Education is vital even for those of us on the teaching side! I still keep my hand in teaching a course now and then or supervising degree projects. It’s such a wonderful learning process for me too to see how young people are approaching online communications, challenging you to grow !

    Look forward to hearing more on this.

  • Mark

    @CK — You’re the best, thanks!

    @Jon — I typically learn as much from my students as they learn from me. I would guess 25% of my blog posts come out of questions they ask in class! : )

  • Mark –
    Many, MANY congrats. It’s wonderful when good things happen to good people because they ARE good people and they do good things. You’ve got it going on & I’m so glad that you share your experiences and your insights through your blog. Though {grow} is definitely on the top of my list as a business resource, it’s also much more than that. You let us look under the hood and see how things really work and WHY. THAT’s the Good Stuff.

    Your students will be very fortunate to have you as a teacher. As CK said, you will do more than teach. You will inspire and guide. Enjoy & all the best.

  • Mark

    Thanks so much Jamie!

  • Congratulations, Mark! I can’t think of anyone better suited to teach & mentor people in the art of the social web. First time I wished I was in New Jersey since the Jersey Shore cast went back to Seaside.

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