Ten blog posts that made a difference

There is a 90% chance that you were not reading this blog one year ago. I’ve covered a lot of ground since then so I thought I would reflect on 2010 and some of the blog posts that I think made a difference.  Since I posted more than 220 articles, the top 10 represents less than 5 percent of my output for the year. So if you are new here, thank you for being part of this community.  And here are few of the best articles you won’t want to miss:

#10 — Ten reasons to blog – even if nobody reads it

My best posts are not necessarily my most popular posts, but in this case the two coincided. This was my most-tweeted post of 2010.

#9 — Three reasons why the “experts” are wrong about social media measurement

Social media measurement is probably the most-covered subject on blogs. But I find that so much of the advice is disconnected from the reality of really working in a company. I liked this post because I think it makes that connection.

#8 —This is what happens when Barbie joins Twitter

Once or twice a month I get punchy and write something humorous. Up until this post, these generally died.  But this was the first funny post I ever created that really caught on and gave me the confidence to keep putting them out there. It paved the way for some other humor that became some of my most popular posts like

#7 — Twitter’s Biggest Scams

Last summer I put a lot of effort into a five-part series on the annoying MLM marketers and other scammers that populate Twitter. I thought this was interesting and useful information but the series generated very little interest from my community. I thnk the lesson learned was that people can’t hang with a five part series!

#6 —  Small business? THIS is how to work the social web!

I’m really proud of this interview with Chandra Michaels.  If you could only read one single blog post on how a small business should market on the social web, this is the one.  I was lucky enough to feature a number of amazing case studies in social media success this year, including A fascinating B2B social media success story and  Social Media Makes Big Splash for Small Entrepreneur

#5 —  Three social media myths that MUST STOP NOW

Because I simply love stirring it up.

#4 —  The Spirituality of Social Media

I took a lot of risks in 2010 but this one plowed entirely new ground.  Nobody really talks about the spiritual aspects of the social web but I don’t know how you can ignore it. If you like that one, My own 11 little secrets was in the same vein.

#3 —  Get ready. Social scoring will change your life.

This is one of my favorite posts because it provided original thinking and an excellent debate on a topic with vast consequences for all of us.

#2 — Is social media creating a generation of cowards?

Malcom Gladwell’s controversial New Yorker article was among the most talked-about of the year. It spurred a lot of commentary but I was one of the only bloggers who agreed with him — and took his premise a step further.  It also featured one of my funniest and favorite graphics of the year!

#1 — Social media and the big conversation “fail”

There’s no question this was my most impactful post of the year.  It took me just 20 minutes to write it but the impression it made on the community was profound.  A woman in South Africa recently called me just to tell me this post changed her life.

So that’s my take on the best of 2010 any way!  Hope you have enjoyed your experience here on {grow}.  I never take you for granted and look forward to exploring some new thought-provoking topics in the coming year.

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  • Mark:

    You are my *best business value* of 2010, even if it was late in the year when I found you… my way of saying, I have not read all of your top 10 blogs (220! are you kidding? you’re obsessed). So I look forward to working my way through the archives, which now seems like a strategic imperative.

    Don’t lose your sense of humor! I know you like to ‘stick to business’ ; alas, twitter puts me on the slippery slope to #silliness… my way of saying ‘Google Whore’ spun my beanie in 20/10. *That* is when I first though (maybe even *said*)

    ‘This guys socks are on to tight!’–and I dig that about you!

    I don’t have a twitter ‘problem’; but have a ‘soft plan’ for a 2011 ‘social-business strategy’ correction (weak wording, scratch ‘correction’ insert ‘enhancement’); via my New Years Resolution:

    1) Do what you told me to do (DWYTMTD); direct traffic to my website via my ‘Brand-Stands’
    2) DWYTMTD; Bolg for better of for verse
    3) DWYTMTD; Finish the sentence… ‘Only we can___________’; promote yourself ‘occasionally’
    4) DWYTMTD; Be ‘social’… show up 3 or 4 times a day… be social
    5) Focus the power of being *social* to get favorable business results.

    –Happy New Year to you and your family, and {grow}…


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  • I also liked the one about network effects – sorry, can’t remember the name. Ah, and the one about wikileaks, where you do a bit of should searching about freedom of speech vs responsible journalism. And… well, lots of them. All the best for 2011.

  • Hey, just keep them coming! Not only have you written blogs that make a difference, you’ve encouraged an active community who’s contributions have also made a difference. Do you maintain a log of # of comments / # of retweets per blog? I’d love to see those that generated most traction and hear your thoughts about them as well.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on many of your 10 blog posts Mark; and those I haven’t read are on my “2011 bucket list”

    Only the very best in the coming year to you and yours.

  • Mark, Yet another great blog idea I shall totally be stealing soon.. a look back at blog posts. I remember many of these, a few I missed (the Google whore — what a headline! — will be my next stop) so thanks. And to write a “life changing” post, what a compliment. Congrats.

  • Thanks Davina. Yes it was quite astouding to get feedback like that. Something like that keep you going! Thanks for being a firend anjd loyal reader!

  • Thanks Dr. rae. You are certainly on the {grow} all-star team of amazing contributors! Thank you SO MUCH!

  • Another interesting idea from you Steve. I haven;t spent much time looking at statistics like that but certainly all of that information is available. Something to think about I know jay Baer did somethig like that in 2010. Thanks!

  • Ana Isabel, that is so kind of you to say. Thanks for the enouragement. It means a lot!

  • Hey you bascially wrote a blog post right here!! Well done Bob and best of luck with your efforts. You have the right priorities i think!

  • You’ve gotta love it when you can spin a guy’s beanie! Thanks for giving me a goal for 2011 ~ Beanie Spinning!!

  • Mark ~ how grateful I am to have ‘met’ you this past year. I’m surprised the Bacon/Viking/Let’s-all-go-to-France-but-not-you-Sally post didn’t make the Top 10 ~ the one’s you’ve shared were all pretty good too though.

    My favourite posts, by you and anyone who publishes, are those infused with the Essence of the person who wrote them. If you have a sense of humour – share it. If you’re compassionate, intelligent, creative and insightful – share it.

    The one guaranteed commonality all readers share is the heart that beats within them; reach the heart and you’ve connected in a meaningful way.

    So now, back to you. You are not without your flaws (you’ve banned mention and lyrical quotations from The Partridge Family archives, you have a propensity to toss underwear into Tweets from time to time, your steep rock climbing abilities are sketchy and you get mean when you drink Mead) ~ but you have mastered the skill of attracting fascinating people to your community … and for that and so much more – I thank you.

    Happy New Year Mark!

  • Ah, thanks for sharing these again Mark! Reminds me to go back and read some good ones. Happy New Year to you!

  • Thank you and same to you Jenn!

  • You never fail to bring a smile to my face! Thanks for being such a loyal reader and friend!

  • It’s technical *aerospace terminology*… spin the propeller… spin the propeller

  • Anonymous

    My pleasure Mark, and thank you! I am honored to join the “amazing contributors” who are “…on the {grow} all-star team of amazing contributors!” and look forward to continuing our {grow}ing relationship in 2011 (:

  • : )

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