Pee-Wee Herman, the Pinnacle of My Career

One of my tweets was featured on the home page of Twitter today. Usually this is a spot reserved for celebrities, news makers and world leaders but today, it was me.  This is what it said:

Happy Groundhog Day to everyone. I am enjoying our beautiful Groundhog Tree and Hog-Nog today. May the peace of the season be with you.

I have busted my butt writing about strategy, controversy and Wikileaks and the freaking Ground Hog Tree makes the front page.

In a similar and related story, my most-tweeted blog post of 2010 was about the craziest things you can do on Twitter. It was tweeted out by Alyssa Milano, who I had vaguely heard of, and Pee-Wee Herman, who I had definitely heard of. Here’s proof:

Being tweeted by Pee-Wee was the apex of my social media career so far because my mom almost understood what I was saying about “The Tweeter and the Facebox.”

These two tweeting events have provided an epiphany and the lesson is quite clear. My success is completely dependent on penning anything extremely stupid that will entertain the Twitterverse.  Game on.

Part Two: So I hit “publish,” went to bed and woke up this morning thinking, “You idiot, half of your readers aren’t going to know what Groundhog Day is and the other half won’t know who Pee-Wee Herman is.”

Sure enough, the first tweet I saw today was from loyal {grow} reader Roberta Mutti of Belgium who writes:”@markwschaefer, it’s pinnacle of your career, but what is the Groundhog Day?”

Here is the Wikipedia definition of Groundhog Day.  It is obscure, even for Americans. We do not put up Groundhog trees or sing Groundhog caroles, In fact, I’m the only one.

Pee-wee Herman is even more difficult to explain. He’s more like a human cartoon. You have to see it to believe it, so just click here to watch him in action .

Thanks for setting me straight Roberta.

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  • Thanks for sharing the secret to your success. It’s amazing what actually ends up taking off.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! so that’s what I can expect to learn next Tuesday when we dig into Twitter… Game on dude, I’m ready!

  • “Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity.”
    -Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Network

  • yup…for sure… I work my butt off creating original, unique, relevant, compelling content, and the most traffic I ever got was when I wrote that stupid 30 second review of social media examiner finalists. A post I put together in 10 minutes.

    yup…all studies show that root canal is preferred over intelligent thought …so I concur. Game on. I can be as stupid as the next guy 🙂

  • Oh…and another thang….the pinnacle of my social media existence happened the day I was followed on twitter by Miss. These Boots are made for Walkin, Nancy Sinatra herself 🙂

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  • Well … I should be fine then : )

  • Oh I really have to watch what I write on here : )

  • Yes, I’m glad you appreciated this insightful post Drew!

  • I am so jealous. The most famous person following me is my dentist. And you of course.

  • The finest explanation of Groundhog’s Day can only come from repeated watching of the Bill Murray classic. I would suggest adding a link to The Netflix as they have it available as an “Watch Instantly” … Don’t Drive Angry!

  • Excellent, I must be doing it right: all my tweets are silly and nonsensical.

  • This post is so the story of my life! I’ll spend days agonizing over a post, meticulously researching, grabbing photos, etc hardly anyone reads it. Short paragraph I wrote with my eyes closed and a link to CNN, the traffic explodes. I guess it just goes to show that people want to be amused on the internets most of the time.

  • Well done! Yes, absolutely.

  • I concur. You are my hero.

  • In all seriousness, “entertaiment” is a value missing from many blogs, especially the corporate type. That’s why I try to shake it up with posts like this once in awhile. Keeps it interesting for me too. : ) Thanks for your comment. And I also recommend you read

  • This is an excellent point Mark, which brings back your post from last week (I think it was last week), on “Not writing for an audience.”

    It’s funny how most of us preach “It’s about quality, not quantity” but we still want that top spot on Twitter, we still want the world to know “Who the hell we are”

    But often, it does come back to that whole quality thing. Being a Cunuck I know both Groundhog Day and Pee-wee Herman extremely well. But I’ll be honest and say those tweets passed by like “a ship through the night”

    However, I did catch you blog this morning, your more “intelligent” tweets (don’t let that go to your head), and I was far more interested in those.

    I think if we all let go of this need to be “on center stage” and start embracing the niche factor, all this would work out a lot better.


    ps. Congrats on getting onto the featured list…even if it wasn’t an “intelligent” tweet – Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day

  • Congrats on being featured Mark! I think we all could use a little more humor in our lives and a few more laughs at work.

  • Not know what Groundhog Day is I can almost understand. But not knowing who Pee-wee is? Unforgivable.

  • Growing up in Latrobe, PA; a wannabe suburb of Punxatawney, we too celebrate the big day. We’ll have to swap Hog-nog recipes – it’s all about the blender. It’s too bad our neighbors down the road -The Steelers- are taking away some of our limelight this week. Best. SB

  • Mark W Schaefer

    Hey, I have it in perspective. I know there’s a role for fun too!

  • Well glad I could help!

  • I actually love that character. : )

  • The blender? Groundhogs? What an image. Go Stillers!!!

  • It’s a good reminder that a bit of humor goes a long way to helping folks feel a more personal connection to you. Over the New Year’s holiday I sent out a tweet built on a bit of silliness and was surprised to see it was picked up and RT’d by Stuart Evans at the New York Times, and then the NY Times automobile industry reporter, NPR’s auto industry editor, and PR folks I’d never heard of before. As much I as advocate for and use Twitter as a means to introduce yourself to people like that, I was still mildly shocked which content helped make the introduction.

    My only question, though, is did Groundhog Phil leave anything in your stocking?

  • Torkona

    hang on, so you’ve be retweeted by Alyssa Milano and Peewee Herman?

  • Yes. Am I your hero now? : )

  • Yes, I received many wonderful Groundhog Day gifts, thanks for asking Punxatawney Phil came down my chimney and left me a bottle of single malt Scotch. I was impressed. I mean yes, he’s a large rodent, but still has very small hands to pull off something like that.

    So you were RT’d by the New York Times and I was retweeted by Pee-wee? Well, let’s see who’s career takes off now! I’ll have you know Chairey is VERY well connected. Some call him the seat of power in New York.

  • I think access to shoe mirrors will trump any namechecking I get by the folks at the Gray Lady. But, I have had Roseanne Cash recently reply directly to a tweet from me. Does that help me catch up to your awesomeness?

  • Thank you for that article, I completely agree. Thank you even more for making me notice that I need to pay attention to how I sign in to comment! I (hopefully) fixed my Disqus profile. I have been tweeting for my hotel for over a year and it has always been my picture. It goes a long way in face to face networking in real life as well as giving a face to the business. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you again.

  • Great, glad it’s working for you!

  • Mark,

    You don’t have to explain Pee-Wee Herman to me. He is a god in my family, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is easily one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, and when I heard he was on Twitter, I rushed to follow him.

    I am incredibly jealous.

    P.S. I never realized that Groundhog Day was so obscure.

  • Hey Mark…Just think, now you and Laurence Fishburne have something in common – both of your careers were jumpstarted by Pee-Wee Herman! On another note, given Pee-Wee’s sordid history, I’m wondering why exactly he’s following Alyssa Milano on Twitter. Should she be frightened?

  • Yes, since then, Pee Wee and I have become quite close. We’re homies.

  • I wouldn’t be too threatened by anybody named Pee Wee.

  • Large Marge still gives me nightmares.

  • Whoa, you never heard of Alyssa Milano? Where were you in the ’80s?

  • Raising two kids, working on my MBA, working my tail off. : ) I have never been much of a pop culture aficiando : )

  • I LOVE it Mark 😉 The same energy that drew me to you in the first place. You are the absolute best at humor. You need to give up on marketing and start a new blog! Punterest would be pinned by millions of people!! 

    Man hug!


  • Ha! Back atcha.

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