Take the mystery out of Twitter once and for all

Twitter has changed my life. That is not the kind of statement I would make lightly, but it’s the truth.

For about a year and half I have been teaching a social media marketing class to show others how Twitter can change their lives too — and it has worked!  The success stories have been nothing short of inspirational.

One of my biggest frustrations is being unable to help people who can’t take my live classes.  I simply can’t explain Twitter success strategies and tactics in a phone call, a 30-minute webinar or a blog post.  I had to do something more. So I wrote a book.

If you’re struggling with Twitter or simply want to take your game up a notch, I know that my new book, The Tao of Twitter, will help.  If you are a regular reader of {grow} you know that I am not one to make bold claims but I am ready to stand behind this one. Why?  Because every Twitter success story, case study, and business benefit has a common formula. Every time. No exceptions.

I struggled with Twitter for six months before I figured this out and most people never “get it.” But once I had this revelation, everything changed.  I found the PATH.  I found the Tao of Twitter.

This book solves four problems:

  1. It takes the mystery out of Twitter for anybody facing the same struggle.
  2. It provides a proven path to create meaningful, measurable business and personal benefits.
  3. It’s inexpensive, so anybody can access this helpful information.
  4. It will help you quickly get up to speed and avoid months of frustration.  The whole book takes maybe 90 minutes to read.

The Tao of Twitter (click on photo for sales site) is not a re-print of blog posts, although you may recognize some familiar names and stories from the {grow} community. This is a unified system to approach Twitter for optimal personal and business benefits. Geez I just cringed as I wrote that sentence.  I sound like a TV infomercial or something!  But I passionately believe in this and have had enough feedback from hundreds of students to KNOW that I’m right.  People who have taken my classes have told me that it has changed their lives.

This is an affordable, practical, useful book designed to HELP people:

  • If you’re in business, are you using Twitter as a competitive weapon?  The book has dozens of ideas.
  • The Tao of Twitter will also help my fellow consultants, agency leaders and marketing professionals.  We all have those customers who resist Twitter. Give them a copy of the book.  It might be the best investment you will ever make.
  • Teachers — This is an essential textbook for any class in new media or social media marketing.
  • And college students — my gosh, if you’re not leveraging Twitter, you’re severely sub-optimizing both educational and job-hunting opportunities. Read the book, please.
  • Of course, if you’re just starting your social media journey, I strongly believe this should be one of your very first steps.

As always, thanks for your support!   I hope you enjoy the book!

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  • Well, well, well – it must be fate Mark as I type this out. I started on Twitter about a year ago, somehow found you in the Twitterverse and started using the platform. That said, I laid off of it for about 6 months (and other forms of social media that require an investment in time) to focus on other things I wanted to do. I recently decided to “get back into” a single social platform that I thought would make sense. That platform is Twitter. Why? Because it has no restrictions. Facebook – while a great tool – is limited due to it’s friend requirement. In other words, you and I have to know each other to connect. We also have to (potentially) feel comfortable sharing personal information with each other (whether we keep that in the forefront of our mind or not). Not so with Twitter. I can connect with you (and have) without even really knowing you. LinkedIn is another terrific social platform but there is an overriding (unspoken) restriction that we know each other (and usually on a professional level) in order to connect. That’s fine but it is overly restrictive. Sure you can buy “InMails” which is a paid way to connect without “spamming” but again still restrictive.

    I came to your website this evening looking for sources of information on how to effectively use Twitter and hear I discover you have published an entire book about it! I am sure it is excellent and cannot wait to read it (consider me your first sale!).

    Congratulations Mark, glad I stopped by.

  • Claudeoggier

    Hi Mark,

    Having read lots of your blog posts over the last couple of weeks I am sure you did an excellent Job in writing this book.

    I already added your book to my next online book order!

    All the best,

  • Mark,

    I will no doubt be purchasing this book. I do not have a kindle, and am going to be near a bookstore today. Is your book in stores or just online? I have been reading a lot of marketing books and many only devote a chapter to Twitter. I personally enjoy Twitter more as I go along. The thing that I do enjoy about Twitter is that I have met people that I never would have had the chance to meet.

    I notice also that the more I Tweet and small conversations develop,the more comfortable I feel. Hopefully soon our website will be up, along with our blog (with content written by yours truly)

    Things are going to get very interesting for me in the coming months. I look forward to learning more as I go along, and thanks for all the great posts Mark.

  • Outstanding work, Mark! I look forward to reading your new book.

  • I am SO GLAD to see you back online. You have always been such a formative member of this community Marc. I’m proud of the book and think it will provide help to even an experienced pro like you. Thanks!

  • Great to hear Claude. Look forward to your review on the Amazon site!

  • Belllindsay

    Congratulations Mark, can’t wait to take a look at your book!

  • I’m so pleased you are starting to get into the swing of Twitter and learn about its business benefits!

    To answer your question, it’s only available online right now. I should probably write a blog post about how I wrote the book but for now, let’s just say the only way to get it into book stores is if you support it with a book tour. I made a decision not to go that route because my priorities right now are my family and my customers and a book tour would have been more about ego than anything else. I wanted to find a way to carry this message to more people and I’m hoping this will be an effective way to do it without the personal strain of a national book tour.

    Thanks for your question!

  • Thanks Kneale! Will look forward to your review! : )

  • I would be very pleased and honored to have you read it! Thank you!

  • Christine Geraci

    Hi Mark! I’m wondering if your book will be available for the Nook at some point. If not, I plan to pick up a print copy. As someone who wants to learn all she can about how to navigate and leverage social media professionally, I’m really looking forward to absorbing this information.

  • I guess there is a first time for everything. I will order this book and a few others as well. Next thing you know, I will buying a kindle. I just got a smartphone a little while ago (and we all know how that is going) I still love bookstores though. I feel like I am coming over to the “dark side” Ha!

  • Ah, so you did have the Golden Rules of Twitter – right up your sleeve!

    Looking forward to reading your book, Mark. Congrats on releasing it!

    Michael Keara

  • Congratulations on the official release Mark. I really love the book, and I know others will love it too.



  • I bought the book on Kindle, before I read the comments. I’m in good company if Reza loves the book. Looking forward to reading on the way into Seattle this morning. Thanks again Mark for introducing me to Reza through your article: https://www.businessesgrow.com/2010/10/26/bringing-down-the-twitter-snobs/

  • I just ordered mine!

    Soooo happy it is in paperback…ebooks are good….but I have the feeling this will be VERY good, so I want the printed version!

  • Glad to hear you picked up your copy Imelda 😉 I’m also very thankful to Mark for posting that article. I’ve made many amazing friends through that blessing, and you are a prime example. The power of twitter has brought us together, and Mark really practices what he writes about in his book. Pretty awesome huh Mark? Imelda and I are examples of the things you discuss in the book. If you and I had not met through one hillarious tweet, Imelda and I may have never met either! Powerful stuff, this twitter thing is (not a quote from Yoda, but it should be).

  • Anonymous

    Mark, It was a book that got me started on Twitter but people like you that kept me going. The book “Tribes” by Seth Godin was given to me a couple of years ago and after letting it gather dust a few weeks, I decided to give it a read and started on Twitter the night I finished it with this brilliant tweet:

    “Well, I now have a tribe of one. I will see if I can double it tomorrow.”

    Thankfully, I found plenty of helpful people quite quickly and you were one of them. This book is a great read but the best part is how immediately applicable the advice can be to anyone wanting to make the most of their time on Twitter.

    We ordered multiple hard copies but I also loaded the Kindle version on my iPad because I knew I’d be making lots of notes and finding great quotes. Although we like to consider ourselves marketing and social media experts at MLT Creative, we can always learn from the master. Thanks Mark!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Mark! I look forward to reading it!

  • So awesome Mark. Like Mitch Joel recently said to his audience, we don’t need any more social media books, but we do need a social media book written by you. Because you will bring your ideas to the table in a unique way.

    iBooks version coming out soon? I’m buying.

  • Long story, but there have been some exasperating delays with some of the electronic versions of the book. Will probably make an interesting blog post : ) Hope you enjoy the book!

  • I do think — in fact I know — there are patterns to success on Twitter. I have seen so many case studies now that I feel confident to articulate it as a path forward for many people. Will be interested to see if you agree : )

  • Great to hear!

  • So many people like you Reza “get it” and have realized powerful, lasting benefits — even life changes — through Twitter. I hope this book connects with so many others to inspire them to stick with it and work the channel. Thanks for your kind support and friendship!

    And by the way, Reza and I live a continent apart from each other but will be meeting each other soon — all through Twitter connections!

  • A lot of people are writing notes in the book, I’ve noticed. Paper is a good choice for a lot of people … me included : ) Thanks Carolee!

  • Wow, thanks for those kind words, Billy! I hope a lot of agencies like yours will use the book as gifts to clients. “Convincing” people of Twitter is a daily chore for me and so many others! Now I have a back-up. I can just tell them to read the book. I think after the first 25 pages, a lot of people will go “oh wow — I’m starting to get it now.” Thanks!

  • Thanks Laura!

  • Yes, it will. You actually have to hire an intermediary company to integrate the eBooks for you. Working with this company has been a colossal disappointment so far. I decided to go ahead and announce that the book was available because it was leaking out anyway. I sold over 100 copies on a Twitter “leak” last week so I decided to go for it today and hope this other company will get their act together soon. Thanks for the comment Martyn!

  • Glad to see you bringing in the college students. I went back to college just a few years ago. I went to a local tech school for an IT degree, but I had not owned a computer in about ten years. Talk about a learning curve. I was introduced to Twitter by an instructor who wanted to use it for after class communication. I was in love. The world literally opened up before me. I gained contacts from all over the world and was amazed that I could watch, in effect, the path of the sun crossing the planet. What I mean by that, is that as I saw people signing off for the night, I’d see others tweeting “Good morning T’verse!”. I started following people in my field and in areas of interest to me. The amount of information, freely flowing was amazing. Then it happened, the thing that changed my entire view on social media. I was having problems with one of my higher level classes (Subnetting), I searched Twitter looking for contacts that may be able to help me out. I wound up on a Skype call between techs from the UK, Egypt, and the Philippines. These guys were helping me pass my class, donating some of their very expensive time to me, all because we had formed a relationship on Twitter. I will never forget that moment of dawning. There was really much much more to Twitter and social media than most people out there realized. That was almost three years ago. Those three guys are still my friends and we speak on almost a daily basis.

    So as you can see, I am definitely of the opinion that twitter for college is essential, and I think that it has its uses on a high school level too.

  • A superb example of the lasting and powerful business benefits that can be gained through Twitter. In my book I devote an entire chapter to the idea of “benefits” rather than ROI because this is where most companies miss it.

    Perfect story, Brian!

  • Mark, I’m SO pleased for you and hope you sell bazillions of copies!

    I’m zipping through it at the moment and hope to have a review out on my site early next week.

  • Anonymous

    You already know I love the book Mark! But, for the “blog record” I’ll put my Amazon review here as well: “This book is perfect for those still mystified by Twitter and provides great insight and advice to those who thought they had it down. I wish I had this book 2 years ago! The real-life examples help everything fall into place and really get you motivated to become, as Mark says, “a Twitter Ninja!”. Worth much, much more than $6.99…”

  • I have a question to ask Mark,
    Can i buy it directly from you and have it autographed? 🙂

  • DM or email me with your address and I would be glad to send you a complimentary copy tomorrow Aaron! You’re one of the many stars of the book you know!

  • Thank you for your kind words Holly!

  • Awesome Jon, much appreciated!

  • Congratulations Mark, looking forward to receiving my copy of The Tao of Twitter ; )

  • Awesome. Lemme know when it’s ready. 🙂

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  • Hey Mark!
    You know my story. I found twitter to be like kindergarten, everyone talking in 140 and no one seemed to listening. I had just unfollowed you, when someone else tweeted your, to me now famous post, ‘why are the social media elite ignoring us.”
    I read it, realized who had posted it, and refollowed you. Connected with you, bought the book and eventually spoke on the phone with you.
    So Yep!
    the book is worht it, because of the path and the stories upon it that you discovered.
    All my best to you, a mentor and a growing friend.

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