Mobile Marketing — Old School! (video)

This is a fun and fascinating case study. How do you use social media when your business keeps moving around from street to street? This shows how the Good Food Truck of Atlanta, GA is building a movement of passionate fans … even when they’re literally mobile!

Many thanks to Glenn Taylor and the wonderful folks from MLT Creative for piecing this together for me!

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  • Glenn Taylor

    Thanks for the shout out, Mark! It was fun to put the video together and the mobile food trucks are a very interesting and tasty concept.

  • I almost groaned when I caught the pun, Mark. 😉

    Pretty cool to see a local (well, for me) business seeing some response with their social media efforts.

  • Almost? I’ll try harder next time!

  • Love how this turned out!

  • Very cool Mark, thank you for sharing with the collaborative effort of “Glenn Taylor and the wonderful folks from MLT Creative” this social media “old school mobile marketing” idea!

  • We should have that more in Malaysia… btw.. I’m HUNGRY.. thanks Mark!

  • Mark W Schaefer

    Folks at MLT are endlessly creative !

  • Mark W Schaefer

    Well, there is your new business idea!

  • “Immediate.” “Spur of the Moment.” “Posting that they’re at the truck and telling the world what they’re eating. . .” – Hardly old school.

    Fans following the truck – very old-school. Loyalty and evangelism will trump traffic and advertising any day.

    Great post.

  • Thanks Paul. It’s a neat story!

  • So I’ve seen, looking forward to collaborating with them as well Mark! You’ve done good…

  • oh wow this is awesome. That is very clever of George to do that. My best friend lives in ATL and she complains that the food is not good there. This stuff definitely looks delicious!

    BTW, do you know what George did as a profession before he went into the food truck business?

  • I can’t remember what he did but it was not food — he is self-taught from cook books, along with his partner. Thanks for commenting, Rachel!

  • self taught? That is awesome. When I go to ATL, I will def check it out!

  • Brian Bennett

    Mark, this is great- thanks for sharing. Social media is just one of the many unique tools we can use for marketing and to help grow a business. And even more so, integrating these tools together with other marketing efforts can really help a business take off…

  • Thanks for sharing this. Just another brilliant idea.
    When people ask me what social media can do for small business I’ll show them the video or give them the link.

    When did you film this? No big fluffy jackets, no woolly hats, we have 4 feet of snow on the ground here.

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  • Ann Manion

    Mark, Nice interview! Here’s a link to a social media-driven food truck in my area, satisfying palettes up and down Memorial Drive from MIT to Harvard. Clover shares their enthusiasm on Twitter and blog beautifully. Rosemary fries anyone? They’re pioneering healthy, fresh, premium mobile fare. Indeed, Food is Love, and their sweet & savory Tweets attract new customers in real time. One of my favorite {Growing} small businesses to follow. I hear they just bought their 3rd truck, Ann

  • Karen Bice

    Interesting interview, Mark. I wouldn’t mind seeing more videos like this. Great post!

  • Yeah, I know I need to do more videos. I feel kind of uncomfortable doing them. But for YOU, I will try! I’m heading down to SXSW this year so should bring back a bunch of good interviews. I’ll try to better! : )

  • Wow, awesome Ann. Thanks for the share!

  • Actually this was filmed right before Christmas. I just got kind of backed up on content and didn’t get to it until now. Atlanta generally has mild weather even in the winter. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It was fun to do!

  • It can be a great business equalizer as this little case study proves! Thanks so much for commenting Brian!

  • Their food was amazing but unfortunately I was sick when we taped this. Ironically, I couldn’t eat anything!!

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