Klout will introduce detailed new analytics (video)

I had the fortune of interviewing Klout CEO Joe Fernandez at SXSW and hope you’ll enjoy this short video.

While I only had a few minutes before we were literally being kicked out of the room, Joe discloses plans for a detailed new website. Joe participated in two panels here in Austin and was quite open about the opportunties, and the problems, of his social scoring system. “Can you remember what Google was like in 1997?” he said. “That’s where we are with Klout, that’s the mission we’re on.  It’s almost a ridiculous challenge.”

In addition to the short comments I captured on video here, Joe mentioned that Klout has been on a hiring frenzy to keep improving his service. The four prioirities he articulated were:

  • Addressing spam and bots
  • Focus on better defining influence by topic
  • Aligning his service with the goals of brands
  • Looking at different languages and countries.

He also mentioned several recent successes with Nike, HP and Clairol. “With Clairol, we targeted users of lip gloss and and found passionate bloggers who loved the product and the brand. Even I was surprised that we could have success with lip gloss.”

He also hinted that the actual Klout score we see publically is just “the tip of the iceberg” of analytics he is bringing to brand managers.

Joe has been a frequent visitor on {grow} — primarily to address controversy — and acknowledged that when he planned his product offering, the “ego component” was something he had not thought through.  “It’s been interesting to say the least,” he said. “But we keep improving the experience as best we can.”

Hope you enjoy the video. Let me know your thoughts on this latest information from Klout.

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  • I can’t wait to see the new and improve klout. Am sure it would go far as more people are taking klout more serious these days.

  • Looking down his pipeline, what does Joe feel about the future of Twitter? When the entire business model is based on a separate business, isn’t that a bad model? Why not add other social networking scores to the matrix?

  • A question for Joe: I am still VERY puzzled why ~ related to my Klout score ~ 3 of the “influences by” I hardly ever have ANY contact with, and 3 of the” influences” I have not had any contact with for over 18 months. Can this still give an accurate score?

    A really interesting post, thank you Mark.


  • I think they are going to make it : )

  • Klout already has integration with Facebook and LinkedIn. In a panel, Joe mentioned YouTube as well.

  • Joe addressed this in previous comments. He said this was a quirk in their system but it should have been fixed a few months ago. My connections were also “frozen” for months but changed immediately after they made the upgrade. I’m wodnering Caroline, have you sigend in to your account? If you haven;t registered, you might try that and see if it updates itself. Let me know if that works.

  • Just logged in and checked ~ NO CHANGE. Is registering something different? Yes, I had seen this issue previously so was surprised I still had it.

  • Not quite, Mark, considering one needs a Twitter account first — and the rest second. I refer to all being on equal ground.

  • Well you asked about integration of other platforms. Both my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are part of my Klout score. I don’t know what that means of course but clearly they are moving beyond Twitter. Thanks Ari.

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  • I hope they can accomplish what they’re looking to do. To me, I’ve always questioned how they or TwitGrader or any other grading companies get their rankings. This was solidified (in my head at least), when Charlie Sheen came out of the gate with a klout score of 59 and had Zero tweets and was following ZERO people. Yes, I’m sure it was all based on the 57,000 followers he had at that moment which says to me that it is nothing more than a popularity contest. (I’m sure you can imagine my opinion of those) I turn to twitgrader as another example.. on their twitter elite list for my town.. 6 of the top 10 haven’t tweeted in almost a year. Same for 11-20.

    I realize that someone, somewhere has to have their littman’s test in order to justify who’s who amongst millions of people but I personally do not put a lot of emphasis on the numbers.

    Hope you’re having a great time!!

  • Kout certainly has a lot of problems to over come, not the least of which the item I recently highlighted where a fake account had a klout score of over 70 (The Problem with Klout: An Infographic http://bit.ly/euWtXw)

    However, there is certainly a lot of desire by big brands to get this right and a lot of money going into this too. I believe where there is a will (and a lot of money) there is a way!

    Thanks Kristen!

  • As long as they stay relevant, they will, its possible they would be bought over and be like “google page rank” in the future 🙂

  • Nice interview. I’m always pulling for new companies with original ideas. Once they can overcome certain hurdles (fake organizations with Klout scores, etc.) then they will be taken more seriously.

    I wish them all the best.

  • Nice interview. I’m always pulling for new companies with original ideas. Once they can overcome certain hurdles (fake organizations with Klout scores, etc.) then they will be taken more seriously.

    I wish them all the best.

  • Wondering if my Klout score is plummeting as we speak 😉

  • I think Klout really needs to work out and refine its infographic for Klout scores to be considered seriously. I have always doubted these scoring systems, seems everything is manupulated.

  • Thanks William. It looks like they are taking the right steps.

  • I’m guessing most of the manipulation will come from the users, not Klout, as people try to game the system. They have to stay ahead of the corruption! Thanks for the comment!

  • Kudos to you Mark for bringing Klout CEO Joe Fernandez to us in this way!

    Wishing you Joe only the best as you continue to discover and uncover ways to grow and improve your service that is a benefit to all in the social media/networking communities!

  • Damn he is just a kiddie! Great interview Mark.

    Since I bash on all social influence I have to say some nice things about Joe and Klout. First I agree he handles the fire well. He is gracious and smart and unflinching. I bet he has a mentor. By Klout being the defacto Influence company he knows he has brand cache.

    I also think much of the backlash on Klout and Influence comes from the community and not due to anything they are doing or saying. I have never once heard anyone from Klout make an unsupported claim. It’s us who do this because we like to discuss 1] as it stands today what value we see for 2] our clients or our own company/business etc.

    My question for Klout is in the future we will have much more control over what is public and what is private and with what groups/people we share with. Trust me I bet 50% of public social media communication goes private if we had the choice. How will this affect Klout? Right now they are measuring 25mil active accounts world wide on Twitter as their primary source of data. What if Twitter evolved to allow a Path/Beluga type communication that blocks companies like Klout or Brands from seeing. I have estimated that probably 97% of human communication currently is non-social media (I bet I am overestimating Social). And only a % of that is public. We have no idea if in 5 years we are all blind once again.

  • Thanks, Dr. Rae! I think Joe would appreciate that support!

  • Here is the part about Klout I think most people miss. We only see the score. We have no idea of the level of behavioral data they are mining behind the scenes and sharing with brands. Many people think Klout is dumb. But obviously brands like Nike and Virgin don’t think it’s dumb so there is value here far beyond what we see on the surface.

    Thanks Howie!

  • Mark, plan on contacting Joe unless of course he revisited and read my comment ; )

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