Want to be a social media consultant? Here’s some advice


Jay Baer was the keynote speaker at the recent Social Slam conference and I had a chance to corner him for a short video interview before one of the events.

With so many people trying their hand at being a social media consultant, I thought it would be interesting to talk to him about his personal success and where he thought this might be going next.  He also covers the social media “gold rush,” his revelations while writing his first book, and a few thoughts on the {grow} community. 

Hope you enjoy it and respond to Jay’s ideas in the comment section …

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  • Anonymous

    Loved Jay’s critical point about writing his book The Now Revolution, and spending time on making sure it will stand the “test of time” (Jay’s words).

    I think that’s one of the frustrations of any writer when they put pen to paper or fingers to keys: Will what I’m writing today have some shelf life, or will it be obsolete the moment it’s written?

    Online or ebooks can be updated easily: print books, not so much. Good for Jay and Amber to have taken the time to create something that has teeth for time to come.

    Great interview, especially the reminder that, in business, it does come down to the bottom line: it can’t just be about the “touchy feely” stuff. Kaarina

  • Mark W Schaefer

    Thanks so much for these insights Kaarina. I’m loving these contributions you’re making to {grow}!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much Mark: it’s my pleasure to be involved. And it’s so easy to participate when the posts are of such great value: great to consume, great to share and great to be a part of. The {grow} blog/community is my not-to-be-missed-go-to source of information and inspiration:)

  • Im surprised the Universe didnt implode with the two of you colliding together 🙂

  • Great advice since I am leaving University soon and heading out to the real world. Was recently in a social media pitch and I notice companies will always start with how many fans/followers they can get. Its the “who got the biggest penis” thing. Companies will always want to have more than their competitors and its normal.

  • It was about to! 🙂

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  • You just plowed some new ground here Aaron! : ) Thanks for the comment!

  • Nice post and terrific interview. It all comes down to the ROI, always has and always will. So many self-proclaimed gurus don’t get that.

  • Didn’t they ever learn it’s about the measurement of quality and not the measurement of quantity?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Lori too; it’s time to move past the initial touchy feely stuff (nice, Jay) and get to the real reason all of this is relevant to a business case. this type of quick video snip is awesome—thanks guys!

  • I’m still stuck on the whole penis thing. I think that is some kind of a milestone here : )

  • Amen. Nothing to add to that great comment but to say thanks for sharing today!

  • Double amen. : )

  • Mark Schaefer and Jay Baer in one video. All I can say is I wish I was there 🙂

    You guys are some of my faves.


  • Some of your favorites? OK Clayman I’ll just have to work harder. : )

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  • oh, see, I just can’t win. If I had said, “You 2 are my favorites,” then you’d want to know who was the bestest favorite, right? 🙂

  • Well companies will always want to be shinier, bigger, better etc, Guess it just needs time for them to realized that “its how you use it” that satisfy your lady…. uhh.. i mean customer!

  • Pleasure Mark! tee hee!! more naughty comments coming up 🙂

  • Thanks Rosemary!

  • That’s because a lot of social media professionals have no background in math or optimization.


  • Unfortunately, no. A lot of people never learn that. Or they learn it and ignore it because measuring quality is usually way more work.

  • Thanks so much. Get back to me in 5 years about the book’s relevance, but we tried very hard to make it something that will stand some sort of time test.

  • You’re stuck on a penis?

  • Yes, and then we would move on to Mitch Joel. ; )

  • yeah, see, definitely a no-win situation for me. Just loads and loads of trouble 🙂

  • This used to be such a nice, family-oriented blog : )

  • Anonymous

    I’ve put it in my calendar Jay: expect a phone call:)

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  • Fantastic to see you on vid for the first time Mark. Great interview too

  • Can’t wait for the next body parts comment Aaron. Used to be just a big head that people got !! Do companies know that the more “likers” they have on their page who do not comment wil actually drag down there SEO rankins ?

  • Anonymous

    Dear both,

    After having read the Tao of Twitter and receiving the NOW Revolution a few days ago I thought to take this opportunity to come up with my personal video message to Jay.

    Glad to be part of this great community.

    Take care,

  • Anonymous

    After having read the brilliant The Tao of Twitter and receiving a few days ago The NOW Revolution book I thought to take this opportunity to come up with my personal video message to Jay:


    Glad to be part of this great Community.

    Take care,

  • Just saw this video response and I love this Claude. I think you’re on to something here. Such a nice personal touch. I wish more people took the time to do this … including me : )

  • Well, you didn’t actually SEE me … but I will try to do better about doing more video blogs!

  • This is what is so great about you Mark. You’re a smart guy, great writer, ultra successful—-yet know how to play the role of student and listener….something many of the very, very successful people in our field simply don’t share.

    And as a blogger wanting to write a book, the end question was nice as well.

    Well done sir and a big thanks to Jay as well.


  • I think being a student first is the only way to be successful! Thanks, Marcus!

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  • I enjoyed this a lot guys. In many respects this is what I mean when consultants show what they do and who they are instead of telling people about it. Video content like this is so valuable.

    Great stuff!

  • Mark W Schaefer

    Once again you are so wise about this stuff Jon. Video can be a very powerful way to humanize our brands.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give my allegiance to just anyone, but in addition to being a devoted {grow} community member, I’m proud to announce I’m now a Jay Baer groupee.

  • I agree that you and Jay are “two of my favorites,” and this video demonstrates why. (I’ve been reading {Grow} for awhile, but just recently start getting involved with the community.) Both you and Jay seem to understand that once the “rush” is over large Corporations and brick and mortar small businesses (you know, entities with rent, payroll, insurance, etc.) are going to demand to see an ROI from social media. The bigger a portion of the marketing budget SM begins to absorb, the more accountability is going to be demanded.

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  • LoL!! oopss! did i screw things up!

  • I didn’t know that!

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