Is PR stuck on “social” and missing the bigger picture?

How has social media changed how PR Agencies compete and serve their customers? Are they stuck on “social” and missing the bigger picture?”

How has the PR business model changed in the last three years and what’s next?

What does it take to find and attract the best PR talent?

Elizabeth Sosnow is managing director of Bliss PR in New York City, a national agency focused on support for financial, healthcare and personal services.  In this video interview she applies her 20 years of experience in the field to discuss the impact of the digital age on public relations and her company.

Have a question for Elizabeth?  She just might be available to address your queries in the comment section! What’s on your mind?

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  • Anonymous

    Mark, our firm was so thrilled by your visit yesterday. Thanks for showing everyone at Bliss exactly what a master marketer looks like. You are a gracious, insightful teacher and a wonderful friend.

  • Hi Elizabeth some very interesting points in the video. It sounds like:

    1. People know they have to be in social and are stuck on the tools rather than the opportunities
    2. They are very unsure of how to measure anything they do in social
    3. Don’t fully understand that social is part marketing part PR, and all personal

    Is that a fair assessment of the points you made?

  • Anonymous

    How cool to “meet” Elizabeth via video in the {grow} zone. One of the smartest minds on the planet and among the first and most helpful people I was fortunate to find and follow early in my twitter experience. I have no idea how two of my favorite pros happen to meet in front of that blank whiteboard but I’ll bet you both could easily fill it with great ideas. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth and Mark.

    p.s. I’ve been saying Sosnow the wrong way in my mind for two years. I thought it was “So Snow” and just figured you were really into winter sports and a bit impatient.

  • Love this video! Great perspective and distinction between “digital” and “social”. Too often, they are confused or assumed to be the same. Glad to know about the monthly wine tastings! I think I’ll pick that tradition up with my biz – thanks for the idea!

  • Yeah, that might catch on!

  • I have provided the “official” pronounciation! : )

  • Anonymous

    Hi Robert:

    Those are all fair conclusions. “Tools vs. opportunities” is a good way to sum up the mindset. That frustrates me, because social is an amazing entry point to a much more robust, broader dialogue about digital marketing that is 1) more beneficial to clients and 2) much more interesting work.

    I also like the point you raise about “all personal.” It’s a strange but important truth that what we do for a living has become intensely personal. As PR professionals, we are now our own digital brands. In our work for our clients, we are required to use empathy and even demographic insights in order to build deeply customized marketing strategies that will truly resonate with audiences.

    When I met with Mark on Tuesday, he observed that we are now P2P (person to person) instead of B2B or B2C. I thought that was a great way to put it. Then the question becomes – are you using that POV to judge the success of your client programs? And, if you’re not, how long can you afford to get away with that?

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments!


  • Anonymous


    Thanks so much for those kind words. The feeling is entirely mutual and I hope to get a chance to connect with you in person soon.

    I had to chuckle at your reference to the White Board – we decided it looked shiny but I must also acknowledge it looked…quite white 😉 As for saying “Sosnow” correctly, I will tell you that there is actually a lack of consistency within my own family. An odd story for another day, but the bottom line is, pronounce it any way you want. I’m just excited that someone as smart as you would want to pronounce it all 😉

  • Anonymous

    Glad you liked that idea, Erica. Keep in mind we use SMALL glasses for the tasting…otherwise the party might get a little rowdy 😉

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