Implications of the new Skype deal. A {growtoon}

  •  Haha!! Great one, Joey!

    Although technically, my soon to be 10 year old has been communicating via xbox live chat with his friends forever now…and add in Kinect & you can video chat & play as well!   My family room frequently sounds like there are ten 9 year olds here hanging out, when in realty its only one! 

  • Joey Strawn

    Haha, my neighbors also have the Kinect in their living room and we’ll go over there and play games like that. When the new Skype deal was announced and they said that integration with the Kinect was a possibility, this image came to mind and made me laugh. 

    Oh, the possibilities of being able to scan faces as well as physical location for gaming. : )

  • I just hope that Microsoft doesn’t mess Skype up.  Skype is one of the best tools on the Internet. 

  • Joey Strawn

    I totally agree. If they own it and leave it the same, I’ll be happy. Any drastic changes to the set-up or functionality and I might be a little mad. 

  • I don’t get the tech’ because I don’t really game?
    Never have been much of a board game person. It’s down to British Soccer or not much else. Oh there is sailing small boats…

  • Joey Strawn

    I’ve never been a sailor, but I can say that I’ve been extremely jealous of you for it. : ) 

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  •  Haha, nice work here Joey!  

    This is very creative and cool way to get a message out there!


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  • Reminds me of the movie Grandma’s House for some reason….LOL!  

  • Joey Strawn

    haha, thanks Mark! I’m really glad you liked it. : ) 

  • Joey Strawn

    hahaha, I know exactly what you’re talking about! LOL 

  • Thanks Joey.
    It’s a complete thing, once taken by it gone….

  •  Can’t believe I missed this the first time around! Joey, I love it! Esp the Kinect and Gradma integration…very cool.  Does this mean we’ll see a series over here at {grow}?  Growtoons rock!

  • Lexy @AYates

    Just saw this today – love it! Very funny. I hear more & more grandparents are using tools like Skype, etc. I wish mine would! I probably wouldn’t “finish” my grandpa off as brutally as this kid, but it’d be super fun to chat/play with her. 🙂 Thanks for the chuckle Joey!

  • Lexy @AYates

    *grandma I mean. 🙂

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