University students speak out on Twitter (video)

This is a cute little video some University of Louisville students put together splicing an interview with me and their Twitter views.  Was glad to help with this class project!

I’m not sure why they originally called this video Lady Gaga #fail.  It’s the strangest thing … people are constantly confusing me with Lady Gaga.   I’m sure when you read {grow} you get this uncanny feeling that I am channeling Lady Gaga and of course the physical similarities are striking, especially when I wear my fembot flame-thrower bra.

Sure, it was fun for awhile.  But then I was mobbed in Manhattan last week.  And the paparazzi are driving me crazy.  So I guess the students also just made their own conclusion that I am so Gaga-esque.  Any way, I was glad to help out with this class project!

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  • Good Idea to ask your students. Maybe I should do the same…

    Kind regards from Germany


  • Good Idea to ask your students. Maybe I should do the same…

    Kind regards from Germany


  • Hello Mark.

    I watched this video keenly for a few reasons.

    1. I plan on making a 90 second video to put on my landing page for
    2. I want to learn more about video blog posting.
    3. This is going to be a channel that grows as people start to ask for it for their iphone/ipad.
    4. It takes you into the ladder on the mind with a visual salad: sound, sight, content and more.

    I will be breaking this down into its component pieces. I use BBC videos as a market.

    Yes! lady Gaga of marketing? LOL>

    So yes I like what this was about. I was also reminded to get back and read ‘The Tao..” a good book like that needs a constant mining for me…

    All the best to you and thanks for this little piece.


  • I thought this was very interesting! It made me think about the depth of what something like Twitter can do for my business and marketing it. Think I’ll have to read the book!

  • I think you’ll enjoy it Steve. it has helped a lot of people.

  • Glad this helped make you think about some things. Awesopme Billy!

  • I guess I wasn’t clear you taught. Shame on me.  Would like to hear more!

  • I started using Twitter when it just came out before anyone really knew what it was.  My family was going to Florida for a vacation, and my oldest Son couldn’t come, so I set up an account for both of us, made my postings private, and tweeted what we were doing, where we were, and posted pictures, so he could feel as much a part of our vacation as possible.  It was great.

    BTW, just finished the Tao of Twitter…It was great..many  “aha” moments

  • Anonymous

    You are so gaga-esque! Would love to see your flame throwing bra!

    Thanks for posting!

  • Just sent this post and video to my amazingly talented granddaughter ; )  I’ve been sharing and telling Jordana about you, your authenticity, humanity and transparency. 
    This video is a great example of what you do and who you are online!!!  Thank you Mark for being in my {grow} community life…

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