Establishing a global social media foothold (video)

If you can’t see the video above, please click here: Mark Schaefer interviews Dr. Jon Buscall.

What if you had the opportunity to establish yourself as a pioneering voice of authority in a region of the world that is relatively new to the idea of social media marketing?  How would you start?

During my recent trip to Scandinavia, I got to sit down with Dr. Jon Buscall, who is familiar to many of you here on {grow}. Jon is one of the most active marketing bloggers in Northern Europe and is probably the only one who is on his way to establishing a global voice from that region.

In this interview, Jon talks about:

  • Establishing a blogging foothold and establishing his personal brand
  • The choice to blog in English versus his local language
  • Building a global audience
  • How companies in Europe are beginning to use social media

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this conversation with one of our community favorites!

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  • Al Pittampalli

    Fascinating that Jon decided to work on a global platform rather than a local one (which clearly there was pressure to go local). Couldn’t have been any easy decision. That’s great leadership, doing what you know is right, even if it isn’t the path of least resistance. Thanks for the interview, Mark.

  • You’re welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment Al.

  • Thoroughly educational, enjoyable and interesting!  Thank you Jon and Mark for being in my life in this {grow} community and the social media environment.  
    Jon, sorry I didn’t know you and get to meet you while I was in Sweden facilitating a Bioenergetic Analysis workshop — many, many, many years ago!
    So delighted and glad to be in both of your lives today… ; )

  • Thanks Al! I sometimes wonder…but I think that by engaging in a global dialogue it can benefit both the local and global community. I’m all for learning and sharing so we all have the best business practice. There’s room for everyone to thrive.

  • I hope you make it over here again soon :=) 

  • Anonymous

    Already look forward to follow more closely a european fellow;-) 

  • Anonymous

    This is great! Feels like sitting at the table with great friends and to very smart marketers. Enjoyed the conversation. Where’s the waiter? I’d like to order a cold beer and hear more.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I just love this talk. Jon just has the most pleasant voice ever. I believe I could listen for hours without ever getting distracted. I think I said this before, but can never say it enough times.

    Loved the points you were asking about the cultural differences Mark and also the differences between smaller and bigger companies within Scandinavia. 

    Buffered this one for sure! 🙂 

  • Proud member of the Jon fanclub!! And I’ll definitely take the handshake instead of the hug.

    This is one of the best biz blog vids I’ve watched in awhile – I really appreciated the discussion about the differences between Scandinavia and the US.  I appreciate Jon’s blog just as an American, but I hadn’t realized how far ahead of the curve Jon was in relation to his countrymen. I had also always wondered why Jon blogged in English – don’t get me wrong, I am glad he does! But the internationality of it makes sense.

    Thanks Mark & Jon!

  • I found this particularly interesting because the largest part of the global community (outside the US) related to a blog I write/edit comes from Scandinavia. This is even larger than from Italy which is truly amazing since the subject is an Antique and classic ITALIAN speedboat. BarnFindRiva is very niche blog scheduled for completion this summer (14 posts total) and heading for the eBook circuit targeting enthusiasts in the wooden boat space.  I always wondered why so many views (and several emails) come from Jon’s part of the world? I can well understand why the “biggies” mentioned in the video attract readers from Northern Europe but why a very small niche market blog would be noticed. I  wonder if Jon might have some savvy feedback on this?

    Yes, we are all envious of you getting together over dinner?

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