When social media and genitals meet. A {growtoon}

  • WOW, If you would have posted this sooner, you would have saved a lot of careers!

  • Joey Strawn

    But if those careers hadn’t been saved, I might not have been inspired to create it. : )

  • This is the power of the internet, and the downfall of it too. LOL a lot.

  • Like a Magic 8 Ball app for social media situations .. ‘when in doubt..’ Heh.

  • Joey Strawn

    haha, exactly.

  • Joey Strawn

    Thanks Billy, I’m glad you liked it!

  • Susan Lilly

    Hey, iCommonSense, should I print out this {growtoon} and put it up on my office door?

    Great! Thanks, iCommonSense, you’re a career saver!!!

    Hilarious cartoon! 

  • LOL!!!

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