The Tao of Twitter in Action

I knew my book The Tao of Twitter could help a lot of people de-mystify Twitter but I never expected the out-pouring of praise and connection that has occurred with the book.

This week, I received a very touching gesture from somebody following the path.

But first I should explain that although the Tao of Twitter covers hundreds of tips, tricks and shortcuts, the first half of the book is devoted to the MINDSET needed to succeed on Twitter, and on social media in general. I’m convinced that behind every social media success story and case study, there is a pattern, and it is a pattern that most people and businesses MISS!

The path starts with Targeted Connections.  If you don’t surround yourself with people who are interested in you and care about you’re doing, you’re wasting your time. Some purists will tell you numbers don’t matter. Well, they do. You just have to surround yourself with folks in a systematic and smart way, as described in the book.

Next, you have to deliver Meaningful Content. It doesn’t have to be a PhD thesis, but you need to get into the habit of sharing quality content and engaging with followers regularly.

Finally is Authentic Helpfulness.  This is the catalyst that keeps these new relationships going.

One reader decided to put the Tao to the test. Here is a message I received this week.

I was inspired by your book and wanted to practice Authentic Helpfulness. I decided to do a few Twitter background pages for you that are based on the feel of your book cover.

Happy to make tweaks or revisions if it’s close to what you want but not exactly. Feel free to use or not — it was a fun exercise to try.

Thanks so much for your insights. They reinforced a lot of how I have approached Twitter and provided some new ideas to try.

Carl Brand
Senior Graphic Designer
Bush Industries
@MyVogonPoetry on Twitter

While this is certainly a very thoughtful and generous gesture by Carl, it is very typical of the warm feedback and appreciation people have shown for the book.

I’m really proud that the little book is creating a movement of people who are realizing powerful personal and business benefits by making a few adjustments to their approach.  I literally hear success stories every day. It has been a very, very rewarding experience.

So if you’re already “getting your Tao on” — THANK YOU.  If you’re uncomfortable with your progress on Twitter, this might be the best little investment you will make.

Keep those comments and success stories coming!

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  • I will probably buy “The Tao of Twitter” soon, maybe even today. My son’s birthday today and he wants to go to Barnes & Noble to pick out a book. While I’m there I might as well give “Tao” a look over. Sounds interesting and educational.

  • Unfortunately it is only available through Amazon at this time.  Hope you enjoy the book William!

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing more about your book. I am a filmmaker/blogger. I write a creative seven sentences blog for artists that has slowly built up a following but good things take time huh?

    Just got a really encouraging comment from Belinda, a friend who I met on twitter…” Geoff contacted me through Twitter via a mutual Twitter friend.  He encouraged me to start a blog.  I will be completely honest, I was terrified.  I did not think I wanted to hear the rights and wrongs of my writings, but since I started blogging, my life  has opened up and changed.  I am getting more comfortable in my writing skin. ”

    Thanks for encouraging people like me to speak Mark – the channel is not as important as the voice

    Geoff Talbot

  • Lindsey Lind

    Just ordered the book on Kindle. Look forward to reading it.

  • Nice post and congratulations on the book. If all the annoying interruptions we know today as marketing could be replaced with authentic helpfulness, the world would be a much better place.

  • It really is a good book for newbies or people who have been on twitter for a while. It will be the first reading in my SMM class this spring…

  • Mark W Schaefer

    Probably the ultimate compliment, Gary!  Thanks!

  • Amen to that Peter!

  • Awesome.  Thanks!

  • Thanks Geoff.

  • Finally got myself to order a paperback version of the book. It takes almost a month for it to reach where I’m at though. I’m sure it’s worth the wait! 🙂

  • Thanks Mark.  Just ordered the book and psyched to jump in.  Twitter is an area that I feel is super powerful.  But I don’t really “get it” yet.  So this is perfect timing.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing Mark, It is a good reminder for me to browse through the “action items” again to see what I can do better.

    For those that haven’t read “Tao” yet, here’s a link to my Amazon review:

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Mark.
    I just (last week) received my Nook! I already have it loaded with so many books you and others have raved about, I’ll get this one on as well, ASAP! I am getting them ready for my “in the field” reading. I usually lug my books along in my tent bag, zipped into zip-locks! I have to tell you, what is really special is having, had the time to get to know you and a couple others who are also authors!!
    I am looking forward to reading it, Mark, Targeted Connections sounds exactly what I am looking for, direction towards what I haven’t been able to quite grasp yet. Thank you.

  • Awesome. Have a safe trip!

  • Thanks for that kind review and comment Don!

  • It seems to have helped a lot of people, so hopefully it will have the same impact on you!

  • Thanks for your persistence Jan. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Thanks so much for the blog post. It was a pleasure interacting with you on this project of your Twitter background and I have really found many useful insights in the book.

    Looking forward to keeping up with your Twitter feed and blog.

  • Hi Mark,

    Already shown the love for the Tao, I was and still am extremely impressed by your book. I often don’t recommend books focused on a single topic like your but I felt like many others that it is the opening mindset shift that really got me referring the book to people.

    Nicely done and I’ll await your “Get your Groove on Google+”

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