The social media numbers game. A {growtoon}.

  • Anonymous

    Clever!  I like this!  

  • very good
    love it

  • Great!
    Have anice weekend
    Kind regards from Germany


  • FUNNIEST thing i’ve seen all day! 

  • Love this cartoon, Kacy! So glad to see you posting here for Mark. Kudos!

  • I’m so happy my girlfriend doesn’t even know what Klout is.

  • I like the post. This post is interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

  • So good.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Laura! Glad to be working with Mark as well.

  • Anonymous

    My wife does know, but she absolutely doesn’t care…I think she is a 17.

  • LOL, hilarious :).


  • Well, there was Guhmshoo…

  • Mazudy

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  • Well, maybe not the *only* ones. But we’re definitely a rare breed. 🙂

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  • Greg

    Ha ha ha… this is awesome.

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